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Scratch 22Dec04
Variants 22Dec04
Release Date 22Dec04 — 2004/12/22
Programming language Squeak
Download 22Dec04
Predecessor 13Oct04
Successor 28Feb05

Scratch 22Dec04, released on December 22, 2004, was the release of Scratch following Scratch 13Oct04 and preceding Scratch 28Feb05.


Scratch 22Dec04 had 9 categories: motion, control, looks, 1-2-3, media, sensing, scripts, effects, and variables. Scratch 13Oct04 contained 95 blocks, adding 52 new blocks since Scratch 14Feb04. The procedure feature (Scripts category) is still available.

Effects Category

A new effects category was added in this version, and the following five blocks were transferred to this category:

Added Features

Removed Features

  • clone:: #66b3cc
  • tile clones [] []:: #66b3cc
  • isClone?:: #638cb5
  • cloneDelete:: #66b3cc
  • deleteAllClones:: #66b3cc
  • change blur by []:: #66b3cc
  • costume:: #638cb5
  • start playing:: #66b3cc
  • stop playing:: #66b3cc
  • note on []:: #66b3cc
  • note off:: #66b3cc
  • drum []:: #66b3cc
  • set seconds to []:: #66b3cc
  • change seconds by []:: #66b3cc
  • set zoom to []%:: #66b3cc
  • change zoom by []:: #66b3cc
  • set horiz. pan to []:: #66b3cc
  • change horiz. pan by []:: #66b3cc
  • set vert. pan to []:: #66b3cc
  • change vert. pan by []:: #66b3cc
  • set fade to []%:: #66b3cc
  • change fade by []:: #66b3cc
  • set fade to []%:: #66b3cc
  • set fade color to [#FF0000]:: #66b3cc
  • on edge?:: #638cb5
  • set bg color to [#FF0000]:: #66b3cc

Other Changes

Example Script

Here is a program written in this version of Scratch:

A screenshot of the example script.
when Sprite1 clicked:: #9c00ce
timer reset:: #66b3cc
script 1:: #66b3cc

script 1:: #bd4200
forever:: #ff9431
  change size by [1]:: #66b3cc
  if <[1] < (timer:: #638cb5):: #638cb5>:: #ff9431
    done:: #66b3cc

Here is the Scratch 3.0 equivalent:

when this sprite clicked
reset timer
script 1

define script 1
  change size by (1)
  if <(1)<(timer)> then
    stop [this script v]

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