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ScratchEd was a site for teachers and educators of Scratch who wanted resources, advice, and ideas for teaching about Scratch.

The link to ScratchEd from the Front Page on the Scratch 1.4 website.


Before ScratchEd was created, the "Educators" forum was used as a place for teachers to get ideas and advice for teaching about Scratch. The Scratch Team later thought that it would be much better if this forum was more centralized and concentrated on a separate website, which is now known as ScratchEd. An archive for reference of the old forum is still available here.


The ScratchEd website contained many resources for educators around the world teaching Scratch. Resources included:

  • Videos that teach certain lessons.
  • Videos and articles explaining how to set up a Scratch Workshop.
  • Stories by other members describing their experiences and giving advice.
  • Example Scratch projects to help educators.
  • Other resources.

Users did not have to be a member to access these resources, but non-members could not discuss the resources or ask other members for advice without joining the website.


Clicking on the "Discussions" tab took users to the ScratchEd forums. These contained the following categories:

  • News and Announcements - What's happening? Find out what's new with Scratch and the Scratch educator community.
  • Events - Teaching a workshop? Attending a seminar? Share any Scratch-related events.
  • Scratch Educator Meetups - Getting together with other educators? Check for meetup announcements and reflections.
  • Teaching with Scratch - Questions about curriculum? Ideas about integration? Contribute ideas about using Scratch in informal and formal learning environments.
  • Computer Science Education - Excited about Scratch for CS? Share any questions and ideas about Scratch as a way to support computer science learning.
  • Researching Scratch - Conducting (or interested in) research that involves Scratch? Join the discussion, and share any related questions, interests, observations, and ideas.
  • How do I...? - Looking for advice about working with Scratch? Ask and answer Scratch questions.
  • Reflections - What do people learn with Scratch? Share thoughts about the powerful ideas underlying Scratch.
  • Bugs, Troubleshooting, Suggestions - Bugs, Troubleshooting, Suggestions.

These forums allow educators to talk with each other, making the teaching of Scratch easier.

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