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The ScratchBB logo by Zeusking19.

ScratchBB was a project developed by Scratchers to create a new forum system for the Scratch Forums. It was started by the user Sparks, creator of the Block Library. ScratchBB was last known to be in a brainstorming stage, and no coding is available.


The following features are among those that were being discussed for inclusion in the ScratchBB forum software:

  • More BBCode available
  • Tagging topics
  • Viewing previous versions of a post
  • An edit summary
  • Customizable skins
  • Collapsable stickies section instead of ITopic system
  • Not showing the whole quote, but rather a scrollbar or extendable quote box.
  • Watching a topic
  • Updated topic icons
  • Marking state of topics (Example: [SOLVED] How do you get a signature?)
  • Using AJAX to make experience fast

For a full list, see this post.

How to Contribute

No one can join anymore, as the forum thread has been archived and development has gone stagnant. Coding was in PHP, HTML, and CSS.[citation needed]

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