The Scratch Team at the meeting.

The sixth Scratch@MIT Conference took place from July 26-28th, 2018[1] at MIT. The theme was "The Next Generation".

The conference is aimed at educators, researchers, developers, and other members of the worldwide Scratch community. The conference is also intended for adults who support young people learning Scratch.

We continue to be amazed and delighted by all of the ways that children around the world are creating and collaborating with Scratch. As we see the outpouring of creativity in the Scratch community, we become even more committed to developing a next generation of Scratch that is truly worthy of the next generation of children.

– Mitchel Resnick[2]


July 26, 2018

Title Time Place Presenter(s)
Break­fast 8:30a — 9:30a 6th Floor
Keynote Presentation
The Next Genera­tion 9:30a — 10:30a E14-Main Hall
  • Mitchel Resnick (mode­rator)
  • MIT Scratch Team
Morning Session (Workshops)
Flat Scratch Jam: Compu­tational Thinking with Hand­made Scratch Sprites 11:00a — 12:30p E14-514B
  • Ryan Jenkins (Won­der­ful Idea Co.)
  • K-Fai Steele (author, illu­strator)
  • Ryoko Matsu­moto
  • Deanna Gelosi (Explora­torium)
Physical Com­puting with Scratch on the Rasp­berry Pi E15-054 Rik Cross (Rasp­berry Pi Found­ation)
Scratch de Ogiri: Projec­tion Play Using Scratch E15-359
  • Yasushi Harada (Future Uni­ver­sity Hako­date)
  • Kodai Iizuka (Gra­du­ate School of Future Uni­ver­sity Hako­date)
  • Aki Yama­uchi (Gra­du­ate School of Future Uni­ver­sity Hako­date)
  • Senri Sakai (B.S. in Future Uni­ver­sity Hako­date)
  • Yoshiro Miyata (Chukyo Uni­ver­sity)
  • Ryoko Matsu­moto (The Explora­torium)
  • Nobuyuki Ueda (Do­shi­sha Women's College of Liberal Arts)
  • Tomohiro Ueshiba (Chukyo Uni­ver­sity)
  • Keiko Ohnishi (Box & Needle)
The Inter­face: Physical Com­puting with Young People E15-466
  • Sean Justice
  • Nidia Mendoza
  • Analisa Esther
  • Rosa Lucas
  • Kristie Boca­negra
  • Brianna Kelley (Texas State Uni­ver­sity)
Get to Know the Creative Com­puting Cur­riculum Guide E14-Main Hall
  • Karen Brennan
  • Laura Peters
  • Jhenna Voorhis
  • Paulina Haduong
  • Alexa Kutler (Scratch​Ed)
Explo­ring Scratch 3.0 E15-Cube
  • Chris Garrity
  • Carl Bowman
  • Other members of the Scratch Team
Bring Your Scratch Pro­gram­ming to Life with LEGO® Educa­tion WeDo 2.0 E14-Silver­man
  • Leanna Prater
  • Jennu Nash (LEGO Educa­tion)
Hacking MIT Public Art with Scratch E14-633
  • Eduard Muntaner-Perich
  • Jordi Freixenet
  • Mariona Niell (Uni­ver­sity of Girona)
Scratch​Bit: Inventing New Ways to Control Your Scratch Projects E14-445 LLK Kreg Hanning (MIT Media Lab)
Inter­active Poetry: Disco­ver­ing Who We Are with Scratch and Makey Makey E15-207 Jaleesa Trapp (MIT Media Lab)
Micro:bit & Scratch 3.0: Physical Com­puting for All Learners E14-3rd Floor Atrium
  • Jacy Edelman
  • Sue Cusack (Lesley Uni­ver­sity STEAM)
Explore Scratch​Jr with New Coding Cards E14-244
  • Marina Bers
  • Madhu Govind
  • Melissa Viezel
  • Emily Relkin (Tufts Uni­ver­sity)
Getting Started with Scratch: Animate Your Name E14-240 Carmelo Presicce (MIT Media Lab)
Explode the Con­trol­ler: Inte­gra­ting Physical Play with Coding for Young Scratch­ers E15-341
  • John Lynch
  • Susan Klimczak
  • Other youth teachers and staff from South End Tech­nolo­gy Center
Turtle­Stitch: Code! Draw! Stitch! E15-Bartos
Lunch (provided)
Lunch 12:30p — 1:30p 6th Floor
Afternoon Session (Workshops)
Art­Maker­Space: Mean­ing­ful Making in a Studio Art Context 2:00p — 3:30p E14-493
  • Steve Ciam­paglia
  • Luca Ciam­paglia (The Plug-in Studio)
Faci­lita­ting Scratch Work­shops that Put the Learner in Charge E14-240
  • Saskia Leggett (Family Creative Learning)
  • Ricarose Roque (Uni­ver­sity of Colorado Boulder)
Making and Coding with Sound and Music: Zoop, Boing... dun dun DUNNNN! E15-341 Eric Rosenbaum (MIT Media Lab)
Playful Assess­ment Design for Scratch Projects E14-244
  • Louisa Rosen­heck (MIT Educa­tion Arcade)
  • YJ Kim (MIT Teaching Systems Lab)
Tiles for Tales: Linking Story­tel­ling and Tech­nolo­gy E15-054
  • Margaret Low
  • James Johnston (Uni­ver­sity of Warwick)
Tin­ker­ing in the (Sensor) Garden E14-514B
  • Ryan Jenkins (Won­der­ful Idea Co.)
  • Angela Sofia Lom­bar­do (Malpighi LaB)
Toy Tin­ker­ing with Micro:bit E15-466
  • Deanna Gelosi
  • Ryoko Matsu­moto (Explora­torium)
Where the Wild Things Are: Using Scratch and Hum­ming­bird for Inter­active, 3D Story­tel­ling E15-359
  • Melissa Unger
  • Aileen Owens
  • Shad Wachter (South Fayette School District)
The Scratch​Ed Meetups Network E14-Main Hall
  • Karen Brennan
  • Alexa Kutler
  • Laura Peters
  • Jane Kang (Scratch​Ed)
  • Meetup orga­nizers from around the world
Explo­ring Scratch 3.0 E15-Cube
  • Chris Garrity
  • Carl Bowman
  • Other members of the Scratch Team
Physical Com­puting with Micro:bit and Scratch 3.0 E14-Silver­man
  • Hal Speed (Micro:bit Educa­tional Found­ation)
  • Kreg Hanning (MIT Media Lab)
Practical De­bug­ging in Scratch E14-633 Rik Cross (Rasp­berry Pi Found­ation)
Video Sensing: Colorful Con­nec­tions E14-445 LLK Eric Schilling (MIT Media Lab)
Creative Coding with Scratch and Mine­craft E14-3rd Floor Atrium
  • Steve Isaacs (Ber­nards Township Board of Educa­tion, New Jersey)
  • Cathy Cheo-Isaacs (Open World Events)
Scratch for Big Kids: Hard Fun for High School­ers E15-207
  • Paulina Haduong (Scratch​Ed)
  • Jaleesa Trapp
  • Sarah Otts (MIT Media Lab)
Poster Session
A Home in Tune 4:00p — 5:30p E15-Lower Lobby
  • Luiza Regina Branco Fer­nan­des
  • Jorge Ferreira do Valle Neto
  • Tatiana de Souza Mendes Garcia (Escola Lourenço Cas­tan­ho)
BJC and Snap! News
  • Brian Harvey
  • Daniel Garcia (UC Berkeley)
  • Jens Mönig (SAP)
Demon­stration of an Interest-Driven Scratch Cur­riculum Jared O'Leary (BootUp)
From STEM to STEAM: Inter­disci­plin­arity Between Math and Liter­ature with Scratch Leandro do Amaral Boeira (FSG Faculdade da Serra Gaúcha)
Global Edu­cators Com­munity: How this Com­munity was Born and Tran­scended the Country Bound­aries
  • Heloisa Zalcberg (Creative Educa­tion)
  • Sandra Steele Coleman (Milton Ele­ment­ary School)
  • Soohwan Kim (Chong­shin Uni­ver­sity)
  • Simon Mtabazi (She Codes for Change)
  • Verónica Estrada (Edu­krea­tivos)
  • Susan Etten­heim (New York City Depart­ment of Educa­tion)
  • Lula Garcia (Edu­krea­tivos)
  • Norma Conzalez (Man­che­ster School District)
  • Maureen Tumenas (Hadley Public Schools)
How to Design a Mean­ing­ful Class with Scratch in Ele­ment­ary School Hideki Mori (Tokyo Institute of Tech­nolo­gy)
Imple­men­ta­tion of the MAKER-STEAM-CT Para­digm with Scratch: Cases of Success from Red LaTE México Per­spec­tive
  • Claudia Marina Vicario Solor­zano (Ipn, Red­latemx, Robokreatic, Netica)
  • Leticia Cerda Garrido (Unam, Red­latemx, Robokreatic)
  • Maria De Lourdes Garcia Vazquez (Colegio Las Hayas, Edu­krea­tivos)
  • Veronica Belinda Estrada Y Moscoso (Edu­krea­tivos)
  • Yolanda Campos Campos (Edu­krea­tivos, Red­latemx)
  • Marina Barradas Fer­nan­dez (Colegio Las Hayas)
Makey Makey & Scratch
  • Brett Hannan
  • Charles Gordon
  • Silias Baroni (The Greene School)
Online Game Jams to Attract Specific User Groups Matthias Müller (Catrobat - Graz Uni­ver­sity of Tech­nolo­gy)
Touch-Inter­active Board Games Rob Morrill (St. Matthew's Episcopal Day School)
Turtle­Stitch: Code! Draw! Stitch!
5th Grade Chomp­ing on Scratch E14-3rd Floor Atrium Melissa Zeitz (Liberty Ele­ment­ary School)
How to Develop Scratch Project for Compu­tational Thinking Textbook
  • Soohwan Kim
  • Yongiu Jeon
  • Seongjin Ham
  • Taeyoun Koo
  • Hojin Yoo (Chong­shin Uni­ver­sity)
Impact of Inter­disci­plin­ary Scratch Projects in a Brazilian school
  • Ana de Oliveira Rodri­gues (Just Coding)
  • Marcus Vinícius Leite (Funda­ção Torino)
Learning Creative Learning: A Global Com­munity
  • Lily Gabaree
  • Yumiko Murai
  • Carmelo Presicce (MIT Media Lab)
Motivate Students to Learn in a Collabor­ative, Creative, and In­no­va­tive Environ­ment
  • Rina Jimenez
  • Angela Jarman
  • Lucia Mena (Tree of Life Learning Center)
Moving Beyond Toy Cars: Creative Robotics Angela Sofia Lom­bar­do (Malpighi LaB)
Pixel Protest: 8-Bit Video­games as Activist Art Steve Ciam­paglia (The Plug-In Studio)
Scratch + Rasp­berry Pi + Solar Power: Imple­menting STEAM Educa­tion in Rural Tanzania
  • Simon Mtabazi
  • Walter Minja
  • Albin Mathias (Potential En­hance­ment Found­ation)
Scratch <3 Brain​POP: Weaving Coding into the Cur­riculum
  • Allisyn Levy
  • Moran Tsur (Brain​POP)
Scratch at Citilab
  • Victor Casado
  • Nina Coll (Citilab)
Scratch​Jr in Por­tu­guese Schools Maribel Miranda (Uni­ver­sity of Minho)
Scratch Store: Books, Coding Cards and more Lisa O'Brien (Scratch Found­ation)
Scratch for Kids and other Breen­works E15-Lower Lobby Derek's friends
Trans­la­ting Scratch Chris Garrity (MIT Media Lab)
Evening Unconference (Panel)
Teach​Meet Scratch @ MIT 5:30p — 7:30p E15-Cube
  • Drew Buddie (Bramp­ton College)
  • Mags Amond
  • Richard Millwood (Trinity College)

July 27, 2018

Title Time Place Presenter(s)
Break­fast 8:30a — 9:30a 6th Floor
Keynote Presentation
Creative is Not a Noun 9:30a — 10:30a E14-Main Hall
  • Karen Brennan (mode­rator)
  • Austin Kleon
Morning Session
Don't Wait Until You Totally Understand: Sharing Respon­sibilities for Learning (Panel) 11:00a — 12:00p E14-240
  • Angela DeHart (STEM Impres­sionists)
  • Abia Zahir
  • Aya Elfettahi (stu­dents)
Youth and Teamwork Online: Levers for Virtual Colla­boration Within the Scratch Com­munity (Panel) E15-359
  • Andres Lom­bana-Ber­mu­dez
  • Alexa Hasse (Berk­man Klein Center for Internet & Society, Harvard Uni­ver­sity)
A Scratch for All Subjects (Workshop) E15-466
  • Bradley Quentin
  • Kimer­berly Boyce-Quentin (Houston Inde­pendent School District)
Culture, Design and Tech­nolo­gy (Workshop) E14-493
  • María Bárbara Yarza Gómez
  • Andrés Daniel Ruelas Martínez
  • Javier Rizzo Aguirre (El Garage Project Hub)
Explo­ring Generative and Procedural Art with Scratch (Workshop) E14-244
  • Dylan Ryder
  • Josh Burker (The School at Columbia Uni­ver­sity)
Micro​Blocks: Dynamic and Autonomous Blocks-Based Pro­gram­ming for Micro­controllers (Workshop) E15-341
  • John Maloney
  • Bernat Roma­gosa
  • Jens Mönig
  • Jen Lavalle (Micro​Blocks)
Celebrating Curiosity with Scratch (Ignite Talk) E14-Main Hall Rohit Bommisetti (CS4 Mainline)
Putting the Public in Public Health Messaging (Ignite Talk) Justin Yarrow (Code​Makers)
Scratch for Social Change (Ignite Talk) Dr. Elizabeth Bishop (GlobalKids)
Scratching Beyond the Surface: Getting Families on Board (Ignite Talk) Ramya Sivaraj (Uni­ver­sity of Minnesota)
She Codes Road to #BAM4Scratch (Ignite Talk)
  • Rose Funja
  • Grayson Julius
  • Rehema Mtandika
  • Leroy Sanyi
  • Abella Bate­yunga (Agrinfo / She codes for Change)
Thinking Compu­tationally at the Square (Ignite Talk)
  • Marta Pera­caula-Bosch
  • Meritxell Este­banell-Minguell
  • Juan González-Martinez
  • David Codina-Regás (Uni­ver­sity of Girona)
"Scratching the Surface with Family Code Night in Maine" (Ignite Talk) Stefany Burrell (Maine Mathematics & Science Alliance)
Do We Really Mean Com­pu­ter Science for All? (Panel) E15-Bartos
  • Gary Stager (Con­struc­ting Modern Know­ledge)
  • Cynthia Solomon
  • Brian Silver­man (Playful Invention Com­pany)
  • Brian Harvey (UC Berkeley)
  • Tracy Rudzitis (The Portfolio School)
What's Happening in the Scratch Com­munity (Workshop) E14-Silver­man
  • Christian Balch
  • Sarah Otts (MIT Media Lab)
After the Reboot: The Royal Society Investigates the State of Com­puting Educa­tion in the UK (Ignite Talk) E14-633 Drew Buddie (Bramp­ton College)
Compu­tational Thinking for the Next Genera­tion: Policy, Research and Practice in Korea (Ignite Talk) Oksu Hong (KOFAC)
Encoding Mexican Traditions (Ignite Talk)
  • Mariana Barradas
  • Lula Garcia (Colegio Las Hayas)
Inte­gra­ting Scratch into a Middle School Cur­riculum: A Learning Empower­ment Experience Through Scratch, Science, and Creative Learning (Ignite Talk) Angela Sofia Lom­bar­do (Malpighi LaB)
Scratch in Turkey: A Student-Organizer's Per­spec­tive (Ignite Talk) Ece Tabag (Hisar School)
Converting Coding Skeptics into Enthusiasts (Panel) E15-207
  • Liza Conrad
  • Jocelyn Leavitt (Hop­scotch)
Lowering the Floor (and Raising the Ceiling) for LED Animation with Art:bit (Ignite Talk) E14-633 Juliet Waters (Kids Code Jeu­nessee)
Scratch 3.0 Studio (Workshop) E15-Cube
  • Chris Garrity
  • Carl Bowman
  • Other members of the Scratch Team
Lunch (provided)
Lunch 12:00p — 1:00p 6th Floor
Early Afternoon Session
Get Active with PE in Com­puting (Panel) 1:30p — 2:30p E14-240
  • Drew Buddie (Bramp­ton College)
  • Alexis Cobo (Pine Crest School)
  • Sam Pat­ter­son (Echo Horizon School)
  • David Saun­ders (Green­wich Country Day School)
Effective Scratch: Brain­storming a 6th Grade Com­pu­ter Science Cur­riculum (Workshop) E14-244
  • Irene Nolan
  • Chris Loughran (San Fran­cisco Unified School District)
Scratch Connects People: Multi­cultural Colla­boration in Scratch (Workshop) E15-359
  • Iwona Brzózka-Złotnicka
  • Anna Ję­drycz­ko
  • Karolina Żela­zowska
  • Krzysztof Jaworski
  • Adam Zielinski (Coding Masters)
Scratch​Bit: Inventing New Ways to Control Your Scratch Projects (Workshop) E15-341 Kreg Hanning (MIT Media Lab)
A Methodology for Designing Creative Learning Activities (Ignite Talk) E14-Main Hall Flavio Nicastro (Uni­versi­dade Estadual de Campinas)
Chicas Click at Preschool: Learning Pro­gram­ming and Robotics with Kibo and Scratch​Jr (Ignite Talk)
  • Janet Melissa Vargas Mata
  • María Lourdes Urrea Vargas (Funda­ción Quirós Tanzi)
Creating a Culture of Coding in the K-2 Classroom (Ignite Talk) Melissa Unger (South Fayette School District)
Learning Design by Making Games (in Scratch) (Ignite Talk) Jim Cash (Peel District School Board)
Remix to Learn: Helping Kids Develop as Digital Citizens (Ignite Talk) Rosalinda Ierardi (Istituto Com­pren­sivo di Argelato)
Scratch for Joint Pro­gram­ming: "Danceable" Experiment for Multi Genera­tional Interaction (Ignite Talk)
  • Nahoko Kusaka
  • Nobuyuki Ueda (Do­shi­sha Womens' College of Liberal Arts)
  • Takanori Nakatsuji (Educe)
Scratch​Jr and the New Educa­tion Model in Mexico (Ignite Talk)
  • Samuel Rodri­guez
  • Evelyn Her­nan­dez (Secre­taria de Edu­ca­cion de Nuevo Leon)
Rethinking Compu­tational Thinking (Panel) E15-Bartos
  • Carmelo Presicce (MIT Media Lab)
  • Karen Brennan (Harvard School of Educa­tion)
  • Karen Wil­kin­son (The Tin­ker­ing Studio, Explora­torium)
  • Marina Bers (Tufts Uni­ver­sity)
Explo­ring CS First, Google's Com­pu­ter Science Cur­riculum (Workshop) E14-Silver­man
  • Champ­ika Fer­nan­do (MIT Media Lab)
  • Brendan Chan (Google)
Creating Scratch Pride with Com­munity Based Makers Clubs (Ignite Talk) E14-633 Ian Matty (Mountain Lakes Makers Club)
Developing Entre­preneurial Skills with Scratch (Ignite Talk)
  • Gabriela Degi­am­pietro
  • Maria Paula Vega
  • Pablo Miozzi (Uni­versi­dad FASTA)
From Can't to Can: How Scratch Empowers (Ignite Talk) Abigayle Webb
Instruction or Construction: Which is Your Introduction? (Ignite Talk) Daisuke Kuramoto (OtOMO)
Interest-Driven Coding Projects (Ignite Talk) Jared O'Leary (BootUp)
Story­tel­ling with Scratch: Experience, Express, Employ, and Empower (Ignite Talk) John Okewole (Yaba College of Tech­nolo­gy)
The New Literacy: A K-5 Approach (Ignite Talk) Caroleann Del Juidice (Bronxville Union Free School District)
Promoting the Creative Use of Scratch in South America (Panel) E15-207
  • Guil­herme Sandler (Brazilian Creative Learning Network)
  • Rodrigo Fabrega (Scratch Sur)
  • Javier Garzón (Comu­nidad Scratch Colom­bia)
Scratch 3.0 Studio (Workshop) E15-Cube
  • Chris Garrity
  • Carl Bowman
  • Other members of the Scratch Team
Makey Makey & Invention Literacy: An Introduction to Awesome (Workshop) E15-466
  • Tom Heck
  • Jay Silver (Joy​Labz)
Late Afternoon Session
Scratch at the Intersection of Educa­tion and an Economic Redeve­lopment Initiative (Panel) 3:00p — 4:00p E14-493
  • Aileen Ownes
  • Melissa Unger
  • Shad Wachter (South Fayette School District, Penn­syl­vania)
Teaching CS Principles in a Visual Language (Panel) E14-240
  • Brian Harvey (Uni­ver­sity of Cali­fornia, Berkeley)
  • Maxwell Bigman (Imma­culate Heart High School, Los Angeles)
  • Susan Etten­heim (Eleanor Roose­velt High School, New York)
Daisy Models: Explo­ring Identity with Scratch (Workshop) E15-466 Matt Taylor (former Scratch Team member)
Explo­ring Systems with Game Design and Scratch (Workshop) E14-244
  • Eli Tucker-Ray­mond
  • Gillian Puttick (TERC)
  • Laura Rossier (Newton Public Schools)
  • Giovanni Maria Troiano (North­eastern Uni­ver­sity)
  • Casper Harte­veld (North­eastern Uni­ver­sity)
Generate Surprise with Scratch! (Workshop) E15-341
  • Michael Tempel (Logo Found­ation)
  • Sean Justice (Texas State Uni­ver­sity at San Marcos)
Imagination and Design with the Scratch Paint Editor (Workshop) E15-359
  • Benedikt Hoch­wartner
  • Marisa Kirby
  • Nick Wolf (Mind​Dance)
10 Thing I've Learned with Scratch (and the Scratch Com­munity) that Change How I Teach (Ignite Talk) E14-Main Hall Frank Sabaté (Escola Projecte)
A Creative Approach to Compu­tational Thinking with Scratch (Ignite Talk) Michael Lodi (Uni­ver­sity of Bologna)
Coding Intuition (Ignite Talk) Jay Silver (Joy​Labz)
Coding from a Student's Per­spec­tive (Ignite Talk) Zachary Siegel (Scarsdale High School)
Expanding Opportunity for Great Coding Instruction (Ignite Talk) Amanda Puerto Thorne (KID Museum)
Scratch as a Social Network Site and Virtual Com­munity (Ignite Talk) Carolina Campos Rodeghiero (UCPel)
The Way It Works: Explore, Learn, Share, Repeat (Ignite Talk) Rosa Arlette Lucas (Texas State Uni­ver­sity)
Getting Unstuck: Resources for Teaching De­bug­ging (Workshop) E14-Silver­man
  • Karen Brennan
  • Paulina Haduong (Scratch​Ed)
CTwins: A Professional Development Framework for Increasing Teacher Confidence (Ignite Talk) E14-633
  • Mags Amond
  • Richard Millwood (Trinity College)
Google's CS First Over the Years (Ignite Talk) Chris Busselle (Google)
Kids Teaching Machines How to Learn (Ignite Talk) Claude Terosier (Magic Makers)
Meetup Moments: Scratch​Ed Meetup Highlights (Ignite Talk)
  • Ingrid Gustaf­son (Cam­bridge Public Schools)
  • Janet Dee
  • Natalie Pover­chuk
  • Leanna Prater
Micro​Blocks: Dynamic and Autonomous Blocks-Based Pro­gram­ming for Micro­controllers (Ignite Talk)
  • Bernat Roma­gosa
  • John Maloney
  • Jens Mönig (Micro​Blocks)
Scratch as a Path to Learning Social Studies in Ele­ment­ary School (Ignite Talk)
  • Rina Jimenez
  • Angela Jarman
  • Lucia Mena (Tree of Life Learning Center)
What to Do After Scratch? GP! (Panel) John Maloney (GP Blocks)
Scratch​Jr: A Playground Experience (Panel) E15-207
  • Marina Bers
  • Madhu Govind
  • Melissa Viezel
  • Emily Relkin (Tufts Uni­ver­sity)
Scratch 3.0 Studio (Workshop) E15-Cube
  • Chris Garrity
  • Carl Bowman
  • Other members of the Scratch Team
Creating a Com­pu­ter Culture: Early Inspirations From Seymour Papert and Cynthia Solomon (Panel) E15-Bartos
  • Cynthia Solomon
  • Susan Klimczak (South End Tech­nolo­gy Center)
Poster Session
Circuit Playground and ScratchX 4:30p — 6:00p E15-Lower Lobby Elizabeth Pat­ter­son (Portsmouth High School)
CoderDojo Events & Scratch Christina Foust (Rasp­berry Pi Found­ation)
Creative Learning at Scale (from India): Challenges, Solutions and a Blended Learning Toolkit Ragini Lall (QUEST Alliance)
Designing and Animating Environ­mental Heroes "From Scratch"
  • Collins Ander­son
  • Cather­ine Muller (Drew Charter School)
Museum Educa­tion and Scratch: Digital Museum Exhibits and Stories Julia Orr (Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum)
Recruiting Young Students to Com­pu­ter Science: A Survey on Attitudes and Beliefs About Learning Scratch and Python Christina Zdawczyk (Uni­ver­sity of Minnesota Twin Cities)
Scratch Extension for Data Visual­ization
  • Cassia Fer­nan­dez (Uni­versi­dade de São Paulo)
  • João Adriano Freitas (Estúdio Hacker)
Scratch in Science: Connecting Climate Sensors to Scratch and Making Sense of the Data
  • Steve Holmes (Creative Com­pu­ter Lab)
  • Laron Walker (Mantis Open STEM)
Scratch: A Tool for Reappro­priation in Science in Secondary School Olivier Goletti (Université Catholique de Louvain)
Small Town Coding
  • Nidia Mendoza
  • Rosa Avila Lucas
  • Kristie Boca­negra
  • Analisa Esther
  • Leo Schuster (Texas State Uni­ver­sity)
Teach, Learn and Make with Rasp­berry Pi Courtney Lentz (Rasp­berry Pi)
Use of Scratch​Jr & Scratch in the Need­ham Public Schools STEAM Program
  • Barbara Tenny­son
  • Ger­sho­na Fein (Need­ham Public Schools)
Coding to Learn in a Primary School: An Experience About Scratching Compu­tational, Pedagogical and Mathetical Thinking in an Italian Primary School E14-3rd Floor Atrium
  • Ales­sandro Ricci
  • Angelo Croatti (Uni­ver­sity of Bologna)
  • Laura Tarsitano (CRIAD Cesena)
  • Bruna Borgo­gnoni (Primary School Cesena)
  • Andrea Vaccari (Fablab Roma­gna)
Inuboard: A Simple Sensor for Schools that Doesn't Require Any Drivers or Extensions
  • Kazuhiro Abe
  • Aoi Yoshida (Aoyama Gakuin Uni­ver­sity)
Investi­gating, Creating and Solving Problems
  • Verônica Gomes dos Santos
  • Eduardo Galem­beck (Uni­camp e Prefei­tura municipal de São Bernardo do Campo)
Presenting: Experisense!
  • Kaitlen Weaver
  • Nathan Dunne
  • Alex Motock (Uni­ver­sity of Warwick)
Scratch Day Mexico: A Shared Learning Experience
  • Verónica Belinda Estrada y Moscoso
  • Maria de Lourdes García Vázquez (Colegio Las Hayas)
  • Yolanda Campos Campos
  • Marina Vicario
  • Leticia Cerda (Edukre@tivos)
Scratch as a Companion for Lonely and Distressed Kids Mohona Bose
Teaching Science Through Game Building
  • Brian Foley
  • Mahya Babaie (Cali­fornia State Uni­ver­sity North­ridge)
  • Marschal Fazio (Uni­ver­sity High School)
Transi­tioning from Scratch​Jr to Scratch
  • Claudia Mihm
  • Melissa Viezel (Tufts Uni­ver­sity)
Traveling the Globe with (Not So Flat) Stanley the Scratch Robot
  • Melissa Unger
  • Shad Wachter
  • Aileeen Owens (South Fayette School District)
LED Animation with Art:bit
  • Juliet Waters
  • Michael Deutsch
  • Yasmin Ahmad
  • Bernat Ferragut (Kids Code Jeu­nessee)
  • Paula Bonta (Playful Invention Com­pany)
Sneak Peak at New Scratch Hardware: Scratch​Bit E15-Lower Lobby Kreg Hanning (MIT Media Lab)
Conference Dinner
Conference Dinner 6:00p — 6th Floor

July 28, 2018

Title Time Place Presenter(s)
Break­fast 8:30a — 9:30a 6th Floor
Keynote Presentation
Growing Up with Scratch 9:30a — 10:30a E14-Main Hall
  • Ricarose Roque (mode­rator)
  • Isabella Bruyere
  • JT Galla
  • Jocelyn Marencik
Morning Session
Creative Learning Through Code, Art and Culture across Continents (Panel) 11:00a — 12:00p E14-240
  • Susan Etten­heim (Eleanor Roose­velt High School, New York)
  • Andrea Mayr (turtle​
  • Richard Millwood (Trinity College, Dublin)
  • Simon Mong (Soochow Uni­ver­sity)
  • Simon Mtabazi (Uganda Tech­nolo­gy And Manage­ment Uni­ver­sity, Tanzania)
  • Mags Ahmod (Trinity College, Dublin)
  • Suzanne Coley (artist, United States)
Helping Students Discover and Express Themselves with Scratch and Robotics (Panel) E15-341
  • Suzy Cox
  • Riley Taylor
  • Brighton Cox (Utah Valley Uni­ver­sity)
  • Chelsey Beck (Nebo School District, Utah)
  • Liz Knuth (Park City School District, Utah)
Design Thinking Meets Robotics (Workshop) E15-359
  • Kim Wilkens
  • Andrea Corbin
  • David Jones (St. Anne's-Belfield School)
  • Amanda Reichert (East Ward Ele­ment­ary)
Media Computation with Snap! (Workshop) E15-466
  • Jens Mönig
  • Bernat Roma­gosa
  • Jadga Hügle (SAP)
Talk to Your Com­pu­ter! Experi­menting with Speech Recognition in Scratch 3.0 (Workshop) E14-244
  • Eric Rosenbaum (MIT Media Lab)
  • Katelyn Mann (Google)
What Are They Learning? (Panel) E14-Main Hall
  • Natalie Rusk (MIT Media Lab)
  • Ricarose Roque (Uni­ver­sity of Colorado Boulder)
  • Saymindu Dasgupta (Uni­ver­sity of Washington)
Brain​POP <3 Scratch: Weaving Coding Into the Cur­riculum (Workshop) E14-Silver­man
  • Moran Tsur
  • Allisyn Levy (Brain​POP)
Project Manage­ment from Design to Showcase (Workshop) E15-207 Laurel Pollard (Lebanon School District, New Hampshire)
OMG Atoms to Bits! Code a Story Using Your Own Lasercut Wooden Character! (Workshop) E14-445 LLK
  • Cynthia Solomon
  • Susan Klimczak (South End Tech­nolo­gy Center)
Looking Under the Hood of Scratch 3.0 (Panel) E15-Bartos
  • Andrew Sliwinski
  • Members of the Scratch Design and Engineering Team (MIT Media Lab)
The Fifth P of Creative Learning: Purpose (Panel) E14-633
  • Sean Hickey (MIT Media Lab)
  • Steve Ciam­paglia (The Plug-In Studio)
  • Kerry Richardson (The Plug-In Studio)
  • Paulina Haduong (Harvard Gra­du­ate School of Educa­tion)
  • Jaleesa Trapp (MIT Media Lab)
Closing Ceremony (and Lunch)
Closing Ceremony (and Lunch) 12:00p — 1:30p 6th Floor


All applications for posts had to be received by February 5th, 2018. For those who did submit applications before the deadline, the following formats were allowed to be presented at the Conference:

  • Poster / demonstration (90 minutes)
  • Workshop (90 minutes)
  • Discussion with audience precipitation (60 minutes)
  • Ignite talk / presentation (5 minutes)


To participate in the conference as a visitor, registration was required. Early-bird registration ran from 1 March to 1 May and cost $200, while the standard registration after that cost $300.


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The following organizations provided financial support for the Conference:

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