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Places in Amsterdam where the conference took place

The 2015 European Scratch Conference, also known as Scratch2015AMS, was the second European Scratch conference which took place from August 12 until August 15, 2015. The theme was "Creative Communities" and allowed people to enrich the Scratch community.

The conference took place in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


This section is a report of the Conference itself.

Some sources can be found here:

Graphic Recordings of the Conference

Graphic Recording Tag 11. Conference day Thursday 13.08.15

Graphic Recording Tag 2 2. Conference day Friday 14.08.15
Graphic Recording Tag 3 3. Conference day Saturday 15.08.15

Scratch Video Update

The 10th Scratch Video Update (August 21, 2015) reports the conference and was half filmed at the conference in Amsterdam itself, and the other half was filmed at Paris. Ricarose Roque and Eric Schilling from the Scratch Team tell of their highlights and at the end there are some international voices, including Claude Terosier, Agnese Addone, Jens Mönig and Linda Fernsel.

Events, Lectures and Workshops

The complete List of Events, Lectures and Workshops can be found in the Conference-Agenda (PDF).

Some of the Events include introductions to:

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