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Say Nothing
say nothing:: looks
Category Looks
Type Stack
Introduced in 01Mar04 (0.x)
Removed in 22Aug06 (0.x)

The Say Nothing block was a Looks block and a Stack block. It used to remove the sprite's say/think bubble. It was removed in Scratch 22Aug06 due to the addition of a workaround, and was made an obsolete block.[1]


Main article: List of Block Workarounds

This block can be replicated with any of the following blocks:

Note Note: The last 2 pauses the script for 1 frame
say []


think []


say [] for (0) seconds


think [] for (0) seconds

By using the "say" or "think" blocks with empty string arguments, the block will remove the say/think bubble. Though, using spaces will create a blank but visible say/think bubble.


  • Advancing through a speech, such as saying a phrase until until the space key is pressed.
say [Hello!]
wait until <key [space v] pressed?>
say [How are you today?]
wait until <not <key [space v] pressed?> >
wait until <key [space v] pressed?>
say nothing:: looks
  • Variable length speech (such as waiting for a player's action before moving on).
when gf clicked
say [Press space to continue!]
wait until <key [space v] pressed?>
broadcast [continue v]
say nothing:: looks
  • Do not say anything when not touching any water
if <touching color [#7092BE]?> then
say [We found water!]
say nothing:: looks


It is possible to recover this block in Scratch 1.4 by editing the Squeak code in the System Browser. First, choose "Turn fill screen off" in the Shift-Click R menu. Next, click the white area. The World Menu will appear. Choose "open..." Another menu will appear. This time, choose "browser." The System Browser will appear. Next, choose "Scratch-Objects," "ScriptableScratchMorph," "Class," "block specs," and "obsoleteBlockSpecs." Find the code ('say nothing' #- #sayNothing) and remove it. Then, go to "Scratch-Objects," "ScratchSpriteMorph," "Class," "block specs," and "blockSpecs." Type ('say nothing' #- #sayNothing) after ('think %s' #- #think: 'Hmm...'). Right click (Control-click on Linux or Mac) the code. Choose "accept (s)." You may be prompted to type your initials. You can type anything; it does not matter.Click the "x" icon in the upper-left corner of the System Browser. Shift-click the R again, but this time, choose "save image for end-user." A small dialog will appear; choose "yes". Re-open Scratch and go into the Looks category, the say nothing:: looks block will be there.

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