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Say () for () Seconds
say () for () seconds
Category Looks
Type Stack
Introduced in 06Oct06
The Scratch Cat saying "Hello!" with the Say block

The say () for () seconds block is a Looks block and a stack block. The block displays a speech bubble with the specified text for the sprite that runs it, which appears on the screen for the specified amount of seconds.

The block is similar to the think () for () seconds block, with the difference being that this block displays a speech bubble, while the other displays a thought bubble. It is also similar to the say () block, with the exception that the other block makes the sprite say something indefinitely.

This block was titled "Say () for () Secs" prior to Scratch 3.0.

Example Uses

As this block displays dialogue, the block can be used whenever a conversation takes place. Another common use is when unpredictable text (such as a player's score) must be shown - it is an easy alternative to stamping characters on the screen.

Some common uses:

  • A conversation
say [Knock knock!] for (2) seconds
say [Who's there?] for (2) seconds
say [Who.] for (2) seconds
say [Who who?] for (2) seconds
say [I did not know that you speak owl!] for (5) seconds
say [Groan!] for (2) seconds
  • A display for text
when I receive [display score v]
say (join [Score: ](score)) for (3) seconds
  • Providing information
when green flag clicked
say [Hello! In this game, try to guess what the answer to each question is.] for (5) seconds
  • A message that the viewer can choose how long it stays for
when green flag clicked
ask [What do you want me to say?] and wait
set [answer1 v] to (answer)
ask [For how long? (in seconds)] and wait
set [answer2 v] to (answer)
say (answer1) for (answer2) seconds

Character Limit

A character limit was added for Scratch 3.0, limiting all text to 330 characters or less.[1] This limitation also applies to the following blocks:

  • say ()
  • think ()
  • think () for () seconds


Main article: List of Block Workarounds

This block can be replicated with the following code:

say [Hello!]
wait (amount) seconds
say []

Making the insert blank removes the speech bubble in the Say () block and Think () block, but still asks if you are using the Ask () and wait block.

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