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A sandbox is a type of project in which the user is able to control the environment. Sandbox projects typically involve directly interacting with the environment or watching a simulation where the environment reacts with the conditions the user sets.

For example, in a sandbox game, users may be given several types of terrain, building materials, and liquids to build with, which they can use to make houses, mountains, castles, and much more.

Assets of Sandboxes


Most sandboxes have elements such as lava, sand, bricks/concrete, and water. Many sandboxes have a theme, where the types of elements and materials may vary in order to fit the theme of the project. For example, a forest-themed project might allow users to interact with trees, rocks, grass, dirt, and water.


Sandboxes are usually under the control of the user, while in other sandboxes, it is more of a simulation that the user might have less control over. Sandboxes don't need to be in full control of the user or have elements such as sand, or water. They can also be weather sandboxes, where the user gets to choose the weather, such as rain or wind. Another type of sandbox could just be a sandbox, where the user picks up sand and places it into a bucket.


Many sandbox games use gravity to move elements to the ground. The properties of gravity vary from project to project, and might even be completely unique, such as a sandbox game that takes place in a space shuttle and has a completely different physics engine than most sandboxes.

Elements such as water and lava require extra code to apply liquid physics, while sand needs gravity to add a falling effect.

Examples of Sandboxes

A sandbox game by -Yodasaurus-

Many sandbox projects have been made on Scratch. Examples of sandbox projects include:

Many sandboxes exist outside of Scratch as well. Popular sandbox games include Minecraft and Terraria.

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