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Wikians are users whose accounts are over 1 month old and have over 50 edits. This group is automatically assigned by the software; it is not removed or added manually. The Wikians usergroup is not a status symbol, and should not be treated as such.


Wikians have the added user right to edit pages protected at the wikian level. The protection level was added to prevent New Wikians from editing pages that contain Wiki guidelines or otherwise important content, like Scratch Wiki:Guidelines. Additionally, Wikians are able to edit pages in other users' userspace, though they are still required to follow the userspace policy.

Number in Group

This is an automatically assigned usergroup. Because of this, when checking permissions, MediaWiki decides on-the-fly whether users are in this group, and never actually assigns the users to the group in the database. Therefore, the number of users in this group is unknown.

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