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"S:USERSPACE" redirects here. For the policy on articles relating to Scratchers and projects, see S:USER. For the guide to user pages, see S:USERPAGE.

Userspace refers to user pages and their subpages. All pages counted in userspace are in the "User" and "User talk" namespaces, especially "User" namespace. Here is a list of pages in the user prefix.

Editing pages in userspace

Your userspace

You are allowed to edit all pages in your userspace and are allowed to put almost anything in them that you wish, and the Wiki Guidelines do not apply in userspace. The following things are not allowed in userpages, however:

  • Anything breaking Community Guidelines
  • Categories meant to only contain mainspace articles
  • Templates that add such categories (unless you add |cat=no to the template and it supports that)

Others' userspace

In general, editing pages that belong to another user is not allowed. It is indeed technically restricted for New Wikians unless the owner has given permission by adding {{open userpage}} to the page in question. However, even for Wikians, there are only a few exceptions, which include:

  • Removing content that violates Community Guidelines
  • Editing pages where the owner has given you permission to edit
  • Fixing issues that affect the Wiki elsewhere (such as adding |cat=no to a template that would otherwise add a category to a page), and this should be done in a way that does not otherwise affect the page

User talk pages

User talk pages, even the talk pages of user subpages still are counted as userspace. However, some special rules do apply:

  • Any user may leave a comment or reply to a thread on any user talk page
    • Exception: Many users have their own "welcome" template that they use to provide a more personalized welcome. However, when many users do so at once, it can become overwhelming. Therefore, personal welcomes are limited to 5 per talk page (not including the {{welcome}} message) - any extra welcomes can and should be removed by anyone
  • Any special introductions, formatting, etc. are still counted as userspace (i.e. anything that is not a discussion)
  • Editing others' messages to fix formatting (for example, misplaced signatures, indentation errors, not placing new threads at the bottom, formatting errors that break other messages) is allowed, but must be done in a way that does not change the message itself
  • Even if it is your own page, you are not allowed to edit the messages of other users or remove them unless removing the entire thread or a disrespectful message
  • Removing entire threads is only allowed in the following circumstances:
    • The message is disrespectful, or
    • The message is a bot message, or
    • The thread is resolved and you are moving it to an archive, or
    • The thread is a welcome template, and there are already 5 welcome templates on the talk page
    Other users may put the thread back if they have more to say.

User Images

Personal files uploaded by users (those marked with the category Users' Images or Users' Logos) are also considered a part of userspace and belong to the user who originally uploaded them. They may only be modified by other users under the following conditions:

  • If the file has a generic title (such as "My Logo.png"), then any user may add the user's username to the filename, but they must immediately notify the uploader
  • Adding a category to designate it as a user image
  • Deleting as part of mass deletions of unused files, provided a warning is placed on the image at least a week in advance
  • Automated compressing of images to save space (may only be done by a bot)
  • The same conditions applied to pages in userspace detailed above

Files not marked as Users' Images/Logos but only used in userspace, as well as files whose primary use is not on the Wiki, may be deleted at any time unilaterally.

Note Warning: Using this Wiki as an image host for websites outside of the Wiki, even for the Scratch Forums, is not allowed, and images used to do so will be deleted if they are not used here.
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