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The subject of this article or section has changed dramatically and requires updating. Some information or images may not be accurate or relevant to the current version of Scratch, the Scratch website, or the article subject. (February 2023)
Specifically: Not edited much in the last few years and might no longer be kept track of


This page keeps track of the changes that should be made or are currently being made to the Scratch Wiki. Feel free to add suggestions.

Possible statuses: suggestion (1), accepted (2), in progress (3), done (4), cancelled (5)

General Tasks

This is a table for a list of general or broad tasks to be done on the wiki that do not fit any other category.

If you want to take on a specific project, add your name to the list of users.

Description User(s) Status
Allow SWF, and OGG files to be uploaded. Bureaucrats 1 Suggestion
Finish up Help:List of special pages Anyone (at least 1 from each user group) 1 Probably done
Clean up this page, which the statement said literally. Everyone 1 Suggestion
Update all Front Page images with this file.

Daily Tasks

This is a table for a list of tasks that can be done on a day-to-day basis or require continuous updating. For this reason, there is no user or group of users or status for any particular task.

Description User(s)
Fix or delete redirects from Special:BrokenRedirects. Everyone
Add links to pages from Special:DeadendPages. Everyone
Fix double redirects from Special:DoubleRedirects. Everyone
Categorize uncategorized categories from Special:UncategorizedCategories. Everyone
Categorize uncategorized files from Special:UncategorizedFiles. Everyone
Categorize uncategorized pages from Special:UncategorizedPages. Everyone
Categorize uncategorized templates from Special:UncategorizedTemplates. Everyone
Update Scratch Wiki Home/News with the latest relevant news items by following the news updating guidelines. Experienced Wikians and above
View and accept/decline requested accounts Experienced Wikians and above
Delete pages in need of deletion. Experienced Wikians and above
Protect pages in need of protection. Admins and above
Add links to Orphaned Pages on certain articles. Everyone
Add new news to Scratch Timeline. Everyone
Add new updates to Scratch Update History. Everyone
Change the SDS number and present title at Scratch Design Studio. Everyone
Update the future FPCs at Curator (front page)/Future Curators. Everyone
Fix pages with {{bad style}}. Everyone
Help the International Scratch Wiki People speaking other languages

Below is a list of articles that need edited, as well as a guide on how to find articles that need editing.

Where to Find an Article to Edit

This section is based on a Community Portal discussion.

  • Scratch Wiki:To-do — This page keeps track of the changes we should make or are making to the Scratch Wiki. Feel free to add suggestions.
  • Category:Organization — The area of the site for subcategories and other pages about the wiki's organization, administration, and maintenance.
    • Category:Article Stubs — This category lists stub articles on this wiki.
    • Category:Articles in Progress — This category contains pages that are in progress. You might want to help edit them, with the current editor's permission.
    • Category:Articles to Expand — This category lists articles that have been marked for expansion on this wiki.
    • Category:Inaccurate Articles — This category contain pages that need citations and have the Inaccurate template. It would be great if you could help put citations on these pages!
    • Category:Outdated Articles — These are articles that need updated to the most recent version of Scratch. They are outdated and not relevant to the present-day Scratch website or program. These articles may also ignore the fact that the subject is not present anymore and is just there for history.
    • Category:Wiki Standards — These articles do not meet the Scratch Wiki's standards.
  • Special:AncientPages — This page contains a list of the pages that have not been edited in the longest time.
  • Special:DeadendPages — These pages do not link to other pages in the Scratch Wiki.
  • Special:BrokenRedirects — These redirects link to non-existent pages.
  • Special:DoubleRedirects — This page lists pages which redirect to other redirect pages.

The following pages contain links to pages/files that need to be categorized.

The following pages contain links to images that need to be updated:

  • Category:Unsatisfactory Images — These are images that have something wrong with them and need fixing. Please upload new versions of these images.
  • Category:Outdated Images — These are images that need to be updated to the most recent version of Scratch. They are outdated and not relevant to the present-day Scratch website or program.

You can also go to a random page (via S:EASTEREGG or the Random Page button) and make any corrections you see fit.

Common Editing Mistakes to Look For

  • Punctuation, spelling, and grammar errors
  • Change all YouTube references and Scratch links to interwiki links
  • Change all links to redirects to links to the article that is redirected to

Common Things to Add to Articles

  • References
  • Categories
  • Images
  • Image captions

You can also create new pages that redirect to others. For example, How do I add a manager to a studio? redirects to How do I promote someone to manager?

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