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The Scratch Wiki is split up into various group rights which different Scratch Wiki users can be in. Each group has different 'rights' or privileges that users in the group have. For example, the Experienced Wikian user group, and the sysop right have the delete right, which allows them to delete wiki pages. A full list of rights and groups can be found here.

User Groups


The usergroup "(all)" applies to all users. All users have all of the rights that this usergroup has unless a different usergroup's rights override it.

Experienced Wikians

Main page: Scratch Wiki:Experienced Wikians

Experienced Wikians are wiki users who have been granted more rights on their account. Experienced Wikians are elected periodically, when deemed necessary. Some rights that they are granted, which users in the User group are not, include:

  • Deleting pages: the ability to delete wiki articles
  • Marking people's edits as patrolled: the ability to mark other people's edits as patrolled
  • Rollback an edit: revert consecutive edits from users on a particular page
  • View and accept requested accounts: accept (or deny) requested wiki accounts
  • Edit at the EWplus permission level.

A list of users with this group can be found here.

New Wikians

Main page: Scratch Wiki:New Wikians

This usergroup is granted the editsemiprotected right, which allows them to edit semi-protected pages.


Main page: Scratch Wiki:Bots

Bots are tools that are owned by users, which do tasks on the wiki, such as making minor edits to pages and posting on user talk pages. These users are, however, not human, and computer-generate edits. Bots have rights that no other user group has, such as:

  • Be treated as an automatic process
  • Not have minor edits to discussion pages trigger the new messages prompt

And some extra rights that bots have, but the user group "Users" do not are:

  • Edit semi-protected pages (but Autoconfirmed users can)
  • Have higher limits in API queries


Main page: Scratch Wiki:Bureaucrats

Bureaucrats have the most rights on the wiki. They can:

  • Block a user from sending e-mails (already disabled by Scratch)
  • Block people from editing
  • Create new user accounts
  • Edit user group rights
  • Edit interwiki data
  • Not be affected by rates limit
  • View User credentials (obsolete)
  • View requester's IP addresses while processing requested accounts
  • View and accept requested accounts: accept (or deny) requested wiki accounts
  • Rename user accounts

The main thing that Bureaucrats can do, which 'sysops' cannot, is change peoples' user group.


Main page: Scratch Wiki:Administrators

Administrators, also called sysops (which stands for system operators), are elected and have more rights than Users. Admins are highly trusted and given lots of privileges. The main rights admins are granted are:

  • Deleting pages
  • Have their edits automatically marked as patrolled
  • Patrol other peoples' edits
  • Not be affected by rate limits
  • Rollback an edit: revert consecutive edits from users on a particular page
  • Undeleting pages
  • Deleting individual edits and log entries
  • Viewing deleted edits and log entries
  • Edit locked pages
  • Protecting pages
  • Manually creating accounts


Main page: Scratch Wiki:Users

Any logged in user has the "user" usergroup.

Users make up the bulk of the Scratch Wiki. They have the power of editing pages and creating them. They also can upload files, move unprotected files, and can use the write API. However, they cannot delete pages, or block people. A list of wiki users can be found here.


Main page: Scratch Wiki:Wikians

A Wikian is a user whose account is over 1 month old and has over 50 edits. They can edit pages at the wikian level.

Unused and Removed Groups

Check users

Check users are a MediaWiki built-in group and can access IP addresses of users. The group's rights are given to Bureaucrats.


Main page: Scratch Wiki:editlockedpages

Users in this group could edit locked pages. Locked pages are a special type of protecting pages, that allows this usergroup to edit them, but not normal users in the User group. Some other types of protection are semi-protection (where autoconfirmed and other higher levels can edit) and fully-protected pages (where only admins and bureaucrats can edit them). Currently, no members are in this group, as it has been fully removed.

Interface administrators

The group is built-in to MediaWiki and allowed members to edit CSS and JavaScript of both the site and other users.

The group is unused and its privileges are in other user groups.


The group, which is built into MediaWiki, could remove data from logs and edit histories. The rights in the group are part of Administrators and Bureaucrats.


Note Note: If users are in multiple user groups, then the user gets both usergroup rights.
Granted Denied
Right Description (all) Experienced Wikians Autoconfirmed users Bots Bureaucrats editlockedpages Administrators Users
apihighlimits Use higher limits in API queries                
applychangetags Apply tags along with one's changes                
autoconfirmed Not be affected by IP-based rate limits                
autopatrol Have one's own edits automatically marked as patrolled
See: Help:Patrolled edits
bigdelete Delete pages with large histories
See: Help:Deleting a page
block Block other users from editing
See: Help:Blocking users
blockemail Block a user from sending e-mail                
bot Be treated as an automated process
See: Scratch Wiki:Bots
botplus Edit pages marked as bot-protected
See: Scratch Wiki:Bots
browsearchive Search deleted pages                
changetags Add and remove arbitrary tags on individual revisions and log entries                
confirmaccount View the queue with requested accounts
Confirm accounts: Special:ConfirmAccounts (admin use only)
createaccount Create new user accounts                
createpage Allows users to create a new article
See: Help:Starting a New Page and Scratch Wiki:Create an article
createtalk Allows users to create new talk pages                
delete Can delete pages
See: Help:Deleting a page
deletechangetags Delete tags from the database                
deletedhistory View deleted history entries, without their associated text                
deletedtext View deleted text and changes between deleted revisions                
deletelogentry Delete log entries
See: Scratch Wiki:Logs
deleterevision Delete revisions to pages                
edit Allows users to edit a page
See: Help:Editing Pages
editcontentmodel Edit the content model of a page                
editinterface Edit the user interface                
editlockedpages Edit locked pages
See: Scratch Wiki:editlockedpages
editmyoptions Edit your own preferences
See: Special:Preferences
editmyprivateinfo Edit your own private information (such as your name, email, etc.)
See: Special:Preferences
editmyusercss Edit your own CSS page
See: Help:CSS
editmyuserjs Edit your own JavaScript page
See: MediaWiki:Common.js for a better idea
editmywatchlist Edit your own watchlist
See: Help:Watchlist
editprotected Edit pages protected as "Allow only administrators"
See: Help:Protected pages
editsemiprotected Edit pages protected as "Allow only administrators"
See: Help:Protected pages
editusercss Edit other users' CSS files                
edituserjs Edit other users' JavaScript files                
EWplus Edit pages protected for Experienced Wikians and above
See: Scratch Wiki:Experienced Wikians
handle-reports Allows users to handle revision reports                
import Import pages from other wikis                
importupload Import pages from a file upload                
interwiki Edit interwiki data                
ipblock-exempt Bypass IP blocks, auto-blocks and range blocks
See: Help:Blocking users
lookupcredentials View user credentials
Note: only bureaucrats can actually see user credentials. Others granted this right can only see accepted accounts' request notes.
managechangetags Create and (de)activate tags                
markbotedits Mark rolled-back edits as bot edits
See: Scratch Wiki:Bots
mergehistory Merge the history of pages                
minoredit Mark edits as minor                
move Move pages
See: Help:Moving a Page
move-categorypages Move category pages                
move-rootuserpages Move root user pages                
move-subpages Move pages with their subpages                
movefile Can move files                
nominornewtalk Not have minor edits to discussion pages trigger the new messages prompt                
noratelimit Not be affected by rate limits                
patrol Can mark other's edits as patrolled
See: Help:Patrolled edits
protect Change protection levels and edit protected pages
See: Help:Protected pages
purge Purge the site cache for a page without confirmation
See: Hard Refresh
read Allows users to read an article                
report Allows users to report revisions                
requestips View requester's IP addresses while processing requested accounts                
reupload Overwrite existing files                
reupload-shared Override files on the shared media repository locally                
rollback Rollback the edits of the last user who edited a particular page
See: Help:Rollback
sendemail Send e-mail to other users                
suppressredirect Not create redirects from source pages when moving pages
See: Help:Moving a Page and Help:Redirects
unblockself Unblock themselves
See: Help:Blocking users
undelete Undelete a page
See: Help:Deleting a page and Help:Sysop deleting and undeleting
unwatchedpages View a list of unwatched pages
See: Help:Watchlist and Help:Tracking Changes
upload Upload files
See: Help:Managing Files
userrights Edit all user rights                
viewmyprivateinfo Edit your own private information (such as your name, email, etc.)
See: Special:Preferences
writeapi Use of the write API                
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