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A studio.

A studio is a place where users can put multiple projects into an accessible group. Prior to Scratch 2.0, they were called galleries, and had some different features. I think the previous name is better. Most studios have a specific theme of projects.


A new studio can be created on one's My Stuff page by clicking the New Studio button. A blank studio will be created with the name Untitled Studio, with the user creating the studio being set as the manager and owner.

Adding Projects

There are two ways to add projects to a studio. You can either add a project by slecting "Browse Projects" within the studio or clicking "Studios" on a project page.


The word "studio" is borrowed from same word in Italian (meaning "place of study"), and the Italian turn originates from the Latin "studium" which means "study."

removing projects

Managers may remove any project from a studio, while curators may only remove projects they added and anyone may remove their own project.

2021 Update

In 2021, studios were updated in a way that makes them much worse. In particular the 25 comment limit was only added in order to make it harder to have any dialogue. Also managers lost the ability to edit the descripton and New Scratchers could no longer create studios.[1] They were updated to the Scratch 3.0 design, but it looks a lot worse than the old one. The Scratch Team has announced that in response to the criticism that the new studio pages have received, they will go back to the old studio design.

Example studios

These are some example studios, and you should follow them!

  • The Plant Studio, a studio for projects about plants hosted by -TreesAreWonderful-
  • Games, a studio for games hosted by scratchlover4129889


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