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Not to be confused with Scratch Wiki:Administrators.

Experienced Wikians is a usergroup on the Scratch Wiki that has higher user privileges than users on the wiki. Experienced Wikians are elected at times when deemed necessary. The Experienced Wikians usergroup is not a status symbol, but rather a way to allow certain users some administrative privileges in order to further help the community.


Experienced Wikians have some rights that normal users don't have. Experienced Wikians are considered "trusted" by the administrators and bureaucrats. These rights include:

  • Deleting pages on the wiki that do not have a big history of edits (delete)
  • Marking pages as patrolled (patrol)
  • Having their own edits automatically marked as patrolled (autopatrol)
  • "Rollback" (revert edits) of the last user who edited a particular page (rollback)
  • Accept and look at pending account requests (confirmaccount)
  • Edit pages with the EWplus protection level, including the Scratch News (EWplus)
  • View and handle reports (handle-reports)

See this page to compare Experienced Wikian rights to other groups in the Scratch Wiki, such as the user group. A list of people that are Experienced Wikians can be found here.


Experienced Wikians are in charge of...

Expanding the community

Experienced Wikians are charged with expanding our userbase. This occurs in two steps. The first step is adding new users. Experienced Wikians decide who meets the requirements to join the Wiki and help out prospective contributors. Processing account requests requires both accepting/rejecting requests but also talking to users whose requests are borderline about what else they are able to contribute. Once a user's account has been created, Experienced Wikians then need to help them around the Wiki. It takes a while to learn the ropes and figure everything out, and it is an Experienced Wikian's job to explain clearly how everything is done and both encourage users based on their successes and help them learn from their mistakes. Experienced Wikians must do so calmly and always be constructive and be willing to teach rather than to criticize.

Monitoring edits

Although many users monitor edits, Experienced Wikians are expected to look closely and act on any edits that need to be acted upon. In addition to the obvious stuff like removing vandalism, fixing grammar or formatting mistakes, etc., they are also responsible for identifying edits that need further improvement. When monitoring these edits, they must not only make the necessary changes to the page, but also identify any issues specific to a user and follow up as appropriate.

Helping others

Contributors usually first go to Experienced Wikians when they have questions. They must be prepared to answer these questions. Additionally, Experienced Wikians must act pre-emptively and help users identify problems whenever a user makes the same mistake (whether it be a formatting or content or other sort of mistake) multiple times. Furthermore, whenever there is a dispute between editors, Experienced Wikians are expected to help resolve the dispute appropriately.

Maintaining the Wiki

Experienced Wikians are in charge of coordinating the tasks necessary for proper operation of the Wiki. This includes simple tasks like updating the news. This also includes more complex tasks like identifying articles to be improved and coordinating elections.

Leading the community

Experienced Wikians are seen as the leaders of the community. They are expected to identify community-wide issues that need to be taken care of and are also expected to talk to the Scratch Team on behalf of the Wiki Community whenever necessary. Experienced Wikians, in their role of leading the community, are also an important voice in writing and interpreting the rules and must make such decisions carefully and fairly.

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