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The Scratch Wiki periodically, as deemed necessary by the current administrators, holds elections for new administrators and/or Experienced Wikians. The first election was held in September 2013, and there have been eight elections so far. The last election was in January 2022.



Prior to the first election, all administrators and EWs were appointed.

  • July 2013 — jvvg and Mathfreak231 appointed Experienced Wikians
  • May 2011 — veggieman001 appointed administrator
  • March 2011 — Scimonster appointed administrator
  • June 2010 — WeirdF appointed administrator
  • May 2010 — JSO moves the wiki to wiki.scratch.mit.edu
  • May 2010 — Jonathanpb appointed administrator
  • April 2010 — Chrischb appointed administrator
  • February 2010 — Lucario621 appointed bureaucrat
  • March 2009 — LukeTek creates wiki on Wikia
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