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Anyone can add their name here if they are okay with being invited to discussions.


  • Please follow one of these formats:
  • You can also add a limit for how many invitations you prefer to get per month. If you don't have a limit, just don't write one.
  • Feel free to impose any other restrictions on people inviting you to discussions as well, but include them on this list.
  • If you want people to contact you on your main user talk page (i.e. User talk:<your username>), you don't have to link to it.
  • When inviting others to discussions, please be cognizant of their limit and/or restrictions.
  • When inviting people, try to pick in random order, instead of just inviting the users at the top of the list
  • If a user is inactive for at least three months, feel free to remove them from the list, but please notify them on their talk page.


Note Note: Please add names in order of how often you want to be contacted. If you have no limit, or the same limit as other people, add your username alphabetically.
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