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Every year on April Fools' Day (the 1st of April), the Wiki shows joke/prank versions of many pages instead of the real one. (The real version can still be accessed at the bottom of the prank version.) The April Fools' versions of pages are stored as subpages of this page, which any contributor can edit in preparation for April Fools' Day.

April Fools' Rules

  • Any Wiki contributor is allowed to edit these pages and create new ones.
  • Admins and EWs have the right to unilaterally act on AF pages.
    • This means that they can make executive decisions (such as deleting a page or choosing which version to keep in a dispute) without any form of discussion if they deem it necessary
  • Although the Wiki Guidelines about encyclopedia-quality content (e.g. factual accuracy, citing sources, notability, etc.) do not apply, the Scratch Community Guidelines still do apply. This means (specifically) that you are required to be respectful to everyone (if in doubt, ask). You also have to respect userspace rules on other users' joke userpages.
    • This also means that you should not edit war. If you disagree about something, please have a reasoned discussion as you would have a real article. If you need any third-party advice, you can always use the Community Portal or ask an admin for help.
    • Do not mention specific users (unless you have their permission) other than yourself and the Scratch Team.
  • Do not create a corresponding April Fools' page for any disallowed page or namespace (note that this includes all talk pages except the Community Portal)
  • Every April Fools' page must have a corresponding real page that is not a redirect
  • Userspace rules still apply to AF userpages. However, do not link to userpages from mainspace articles.
  • Please try to avoid reusing themes too much - the theme here is just absurdity, nothing more specific
  • If something has the {{stub}} template on it, it's actually a stub, it's not just a joke
  • When transcluding templates, please transclude the April Fools' template (for example {{Scratch Wiki:April Fools/Template:NotUseful}} instead of {{NotUseful}})
  • When linking to another page, link to the actual page, not the April Fools' version (for example [[Scratch]] instead of [[Scratch Wiki:April Fools/Scratch|Scratch]])
  • Talk pages of April Fools' pages (except the Community Portal) should be used to discuss the wellbeing of the content of the corresponding April Fools' page, as is done in regular talk pages; they should not be used for additional jokes, general discussion about the subject, or unrelated topics
  • Do not include fair use or copyrighted images in April Fools' pages; they may be deleted at any time

When creating a new AF page

  • Create the page at Scratch Wiki:April Fools/(name of original page), not at any other location
  • Add the {{AF}} template to the top of the whole page.
  • Add {{April Fools}} to the top of the original, serious page
  • Make sure the content still fits the Community Guidelines.
  • Try to keep the content on topic.

April Fools Day Articles List

A list of all April Fools' Day articles can be found here.

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