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Amount of activity: High number of topics and a high number of replies.
Opened: 2010
Types of users who can post: Everybody.
Brief description: "Looking for something? Want to offer your skills to others?"
The Requests forum.

The Requests Forum is a forum in the Scratch Forums where Scratchers can request various items for use in their projects and open 'shops' to handle requests.

What the Forum Contains

The Requests forum contains two types of topics: Requests for an object to be made, and a sort of "shop" where Scratchers can request items.

Requesting Items

Many Scratchers would like a sprite, sound, and other items for use in their projects, but they do not have them. They can post a topic in the Requests forum, and a Scratcher can give/find them the item(s) they want. If programming support is needed, post in the Help with Scripts forum.

Request Shops

Main article: Shop (forums)

Some users, skilled in various locations, create a topic where other Scratchers can place requests of a certain genre - these range from emojicone to sprites to bug fixes. Shops are very significant to some Scratchers, as they use it to spread their name and share their services. Scratchers that run shops can hire other Scratchers to work at their shop (usually for no charge), and eventually, the shop grows. Shops can earn awards, such as "Most Orders Completed Within A Day Of Being Ordered" or "Quality Shop of the Week", given by other Scratchers.

Request Currencies

Scratch currencies are "pretend" currencies that allow shops to sell things for a certain amount of the currency. A shop may be a member of a currency, which will allow them to sell services and gain money from scratchers who pay for services. While currencies were first on the requests forum around March 2018,[1] currencies died down until February 2019,[2] which caused the start-up of many new currencies.[3][4][5] In June 2020, many new currencies began, most with the principle of not asking customers to pay, however most died out in the next month.[6][7]


Forum topics for requests have moved from forum to forum over time. During the first days of Scratch, requests were usually placed in the Show and Tell forum. Later, the Inspiration and More forum was created, and the requests moved to that forum. In January 2010 the Community Moderators and the Scratch Team decided to split up the old Inspiration and More forum into 4 new forums: Collaboration, Requests, Project Ideas and Miscellaneous — this gave request topics a whole forum to themselves. In the requests forum, "shops" emerged. Shops in this sense are groups of Scratchers who work together to streamline the production of different scripts, art, and music.

Example Posts

Example Request/Response

Here is an example of a request a Scratcher might find in the forum:

Hello! I am making a platformer, and I need some music. Can anybody make me some? I would like it to be upbeat and happy! Thanks! :)

Here is an example of someone replying to a post:

Hi! I would love to help you! I made some music that Scratchers can use in a project, you can use that music! Hope this helps!

Example Request Shop Post/Responses

Here is an example of somebody opening a Request Shop:

Hello Scratchers! Welcome to my request shop! I would love to help you, I make music and vector sprites. Feel free to post a request down below! :D

They may also make an ordering form. Here is an example of that:

What do you want:

Here is an example of someone making a request in a request shop:

Hi! I need a vector sprite of a bunny eating a carrot, I would happy if you could make it for me! Thanks! :)

The owner of the shop might reply like this:

I would be happy to make you the bunny! What color(s) do you need it in, and how soon do you need it? Thanks!

Or the customer could be like:

Username: Example
What you want: apple sprite
Requirements: square, png file
Due: 4th April

And an employee would say:

taken - this will be done by tomorrow

The requester and the owner of the shop would communicate until the product is done, often regarding details of the product. When both the owner and the requester are happy with the end-product, the request is considered complete.

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