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A list rendered using the script.

Elements of a list of numbers can be plotted as a line graph using a script.


To get how wide each section of the list should be, one must take the width of the stage, 480 pixels, and divide it by the length of the list:

((480) / (length of [list v]))

To calculate the x position of the pen given a list index, one can multiply this value by the number of iterations, which is (i::variables) in this case, and subtract the half width of the stage, to align with the left edge:

((((480) / (length of [list v])) * (i)) - (240))

The following custom block (render) should have run without screen refresh ticked on:

define Render
set [i v] to (1)
erase all // Clear rest of stage
pen up
repeat (length of [list v])
    go to x: ((((480) / (length of [list v])) * (i)) - (240)) y: ((item (i) of [list v]) * (scale))
    pen down
    change [i v] by (1)

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