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On July 29, 2010, a Pac-Man project by the user 124scratch was taken off of the Scratch Website by request of Bandai Namco Entertainment (then known as Bandai Namco Games), the owners of the original Pac-Man game. This generated significant opposition from both the Scratch Team and the users, even spreading to users of other sites.[1] This was the first of two known times when the Scratch Team was contacted by another business for an issue, the other being the Animation Hall of Fame. However, there have been more cases that haven’t been publicly revealed.[2]

Claims and Removal

The letter NAMCO BANDAI Games wrote to the Scratch Team for what they called "copyright infringement." (Grey boxes cover sensitive information.)
I have a good faith belief that the "PAC-MAN Arcade" Scratch game by user 124Scratch found at: infringes Namco's rights by offering visitors the unauthorized use of infringing copies of the "PAC-MAN" game product which is protected by copyright and trademark law.

– NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc.[3]

While we appreciate the educational nature of your enterprise and look forward to the contributions of the future programmers you are training, part of their education should include concern for the intellectual property of others.

– NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc.[3]

The project was removed from the site by the Scratch Team in accordance with Namco's requests.


Many users were angry about this, and a petition was formed. Over 160 users signed it.[4] Some users sent emails to Namco, asking them to reconsider.[5] Namco never replied to these emails.[5] The Scratch Team claimed fair use for educational purposes and continues to dislike the removal although they did censor the project.

Apparently they thought a ten year old's Pac-Man project is a threat to their finances and economic well-being.

– cheddargirl, Scratch Team[6]

Some users called Namco "NOMco" as a result of the project's removal.[7]


Some users of Scratch sided with Namco, arguing that Namco had copyrights to the game and it is fair for them to have taken it down.

Some users who also sided with Namco made their own petition, but it gained little support.[8]


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