The quote button next to the report button

The Quote button is a feature on the Scratch Forums which allows Scratchers to quote other users' posts. This feature makes it easier to show who a user is talking to.

How to Quote

The quote feature can be used by clicking the quote button (found next to the report button at the bottom right of a post), and writing one's own text underneath the BBCode which is automatically placed in the post editor. Then, clicking submit will result in the quoted post being placed in a box, and the added text placed underneath.

Quoting BBCode

A quote can be created using the following BBCode:

The above would result in:
Example Attributed Forum Quote.png

For an anonymous quote box (without the "Example-Scratcher wrote"), simply remove the parameter:
[quote]Hi![/quote], resulting in:
Example Unattributed Forum Quote.png

For Tree Quotes (see below), simply add multiple opening and ending tags:[quote=Another-Example-Scratcher][quote=Example-Scratcher]Hi![/quote]Hello to you too![/quote]
The above would result in:
Example Attributed Tree Forum Quotes.png

Other Uses

Anonymous quote boxes could be used to separate sections of a post; for example, a supporters list in the Suggestions forum or a shop order form in the Requests sub-directory could both be set apart with quote boxes.

Tree Quotes

Tree quotes are the result of repeated quoting. Each time a post is quoted, the resulting post gets longer. Eventually, they become so long that they distract from the conversation, and waste too much space. Some tree quotes have been very large, containing a large amount of quotes.

A post which has been quoted many times, and wastes a lot of space

Snipping Forum Posts

Snipping forum posts is the process of shortening tree quotes. It is a very useful skill for those who use the Scratch Forums. Below is a step by step procedure for snipping.

  1. Select the quote button on the post you wish to quote.
  2. You will now see a bunch of code at the top of the editing area. It will look something like this: [quote=Example-Scratcher][quote=Another-Example-Scratcher]
  3. Now, skipping the first [quote=Example-Scratcher], delete them.
  4. Next, find the text which the last person wrote. You can do this by scrolling down the editing area all the way to the bottom. You will see a code which looks like this: [/quote].
  5. A little farther up the page, you will see another of the above codes. Starting here, highlight up the page, until you get to the [quote=Example-Scratcher] which you left in place earlier. Do not highlight that code!
  6. Press delete.
  7. Move your cursor below all text, and type *snip*, (snip), or -snip-.
  8. Press ↵ Enter
  9. Type your message.
  10. Click Submit.

If something did not quite go as planned, the "Edit" button can be clicked to return to the editing area.

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