This article or section documents the current version of Scratch (version 3.0). For this article in Scratch 2.0, see Project Tutorials (2.0).

Project Tutorials are tabs inside a project that are accessible by clicking the lightbulb icon that says "Tutorials" on the top bar of the project editor. They each have a video, some step-by-step tabs, and a More things to try page. They were added in Scratch 3.0. There are currently 25 tutorials, and they are accessible from the Ideas Page as well as the editor header in the project editor.


A tutorial in a project.

When a tutorial is selected from the Tutorial Library, it opens a window in the project editor which contains the tutorial. On the top, there is a button that returns to the tutorial library, dots that outline the user's progress, and buttons to shrink and close the tutorial window.

The tutorials each have different slides, which each show an instruction. The first slide is a video which describes the tutorial and what it does. The other slides show instructions using pictures.


The tutorials can be very helpful to most New Scratchers, as they may be new to Scratch and coding. Older Scratchers can also use the tutorials for ideas. Before Scratch 3.0, they could be found on a side tab that also contained block help. The new version is easier to find and use, and has a new library to select a tutorial.

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