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A Project Summary was a text file generated for a project by Scratch which contained a lot of information about a project, such as sprites, and even scripts in text form. They were useful for compiling code for the Block Plugin.[citation needed]

Project summaries were replaced by the Instructions and Notes and Credits sections on project pages.


Below is a list of the parts of the project summary. Anything in brackets {} is changed based on the project.


This section of the project summary contained the basic info of the project.

Project: {name of project}
Author: {name of author}
Scratch: {version of Scratch}
Notes: {project notes}


This section listed the entire history of a project, since the first version was uploaded. Each action was listed with the date in the year-month-day format, the action (save or share), the name of the project to date and the author if it was uploaded.


Total counts of items (sprites, scripts, unique sounds, and unique costumes, specifically) were listed here:

    Sprites: {number of sprites}
    Stacks: {number of scripts}
    Unique costumes: {number of distinct costumes}
    Unique sounds: {number of distinct sounds}


This section was often the biggest section. It listed all the sprites and the stage, and some data about them.

Sprite: {name of sprite}
  Costumes ({number of costumes}):
    {name} ({width}x{length}) --Each costume is listed like this.
  Sounds ({number of sounds}):
    {name} ({length in h:m:s format}) --Each sound is listed like this.
  Stacks ({number of scripts}):
    {each script is written out}

Generating Project Summaries

To create a project summary, shift-click the file menu and select "Write project summary". Select a directory, and click save. A .txt file would appear in the directory, which containined the project summary.

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