A user naming their project.

A Project Name is the name or title of a project. They are a form of identification for projects that is easy for people to understand. In the Scratch servers, projects are identified by numbers; each project has a unique number associated with it. Then, associated with that number is the project name, which the project creator gives to the project as a non-numerical identification. In the URL of a project page, a project's number is used for identification. Multiple projects can have the same name.

Naming a Project

Naming a Scratch project can be done inside the editor or on the website project page. In the editor, above the script area is present a text bar. Clicking on the text bar will change the mouse pointer to a cursor and allow the name of the project to be entered. The maximum length of a project name is 100 characters. While entering the name on the project editor, the 100-character limit prevents any further characters from being entered. However, on the project page, more characters may be entered but once the user clicks away from the text box, the extra characters will not save and a message will show saying "Title is too long."


When people search for projects from the Explore context menu, the projects appear with the thumbnail and the name. Providing an accurate name for a Scratch project helps possible viewers to identify what that project may be like. There is no guarantee or requirement that the name of a Scratch project needs to relate to the project itself, but it may increase views and popularity by being commonly referable. It also helps the Scratch search engine list the user's project as a result based on the keywords typed in by another user.

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