Project Ideas
Forum ID: 9
Amount of activity: High number of topics and a low number of replies.
Opened: 2010
Types of users who can post: All users.
Brief description: "A place to give and get help thinking of project ideas."
The Project Ideas forum.

The Project Ideas forum is a forum in the Scratch Forums where Scratchers may provide or request inspiration for a new Scratch project.

What the Forum Contains

The forum does not have a broad subject — it is simply a place to get or provide inspiration for projects. The aimed subject varies, however; besides ideas for themes and such, Scratchers can also request advice for their projects. Along with that, some Scratchers have attempted opening Idea Shops where they give away ideas to the people who order from them.[1][2]


The Project Ideas forum has a small amount of activity,[3] but it is beneficial to many of the Scratchers who utilize it.

Example Posts

Requests for Ideas

A common request for ideas on the forum might look like this:

"Hello Scratchers! I am looking for ideas for games that use the loudness block. Do you have any ideas? Thanks! :)"

A response to this might look like:

"Hi! Why don't you make a game where the player has to avoid obstacles by making noise? You could make it so that the player is at the bottom of the screen when it is quiet, and it goes up when you make noise!"

Giving Ideas

In the Project Ideas forum, Scratchers may also give ideas to other Scratchers. They may either reply to another users' topic, or make their own. For example:

"Hello Scratchers! Are you out of ideas? Why not make a platformer! Or, you could make an animation about an elephant eating something silly! Hope this helps!"

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