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This page lists tools that can be used to code in Scratch.



  • Backdrop: A frame that the Stage can change its look to.
  • Blocks: Blocks are used to assemble scripts, which have control over what a project does.
  • Broadcast: An item that, when activated, will activate all scripts awaiting its broadcast before deactivating.





  • JoyTail: A program which lets you make a joystick usable with Scratch.


The mouse position monitors.


  • Mesh: A way of letting two Scratch projects interact across computers.
  • Mouse Position Monitors: Shows the position of the mouse pointer at all times.
  • MIDI Instruments: The instruments used in the Sound Blocks, can be used for songs or sound effects.


  • Paint Editor: A tool for drawing costumes or backgrounds.
  • Pen: A tool which allows images to be drawn onto the screen by use of scripts.
  • PicoBoard: A piece of electronic equipment that allows Scratch projects to interact with the outside world.
  • Project Importing: Allows you to import projects into other projects.


  • Scratch: The programming language that this is all about.
  • Scratch Resources: A site with lots of resources that can be used in Scratch.
  • Script: The equivalent to text in other programming languages; scripts control how a project runs.
  • Scripts Area: A place to assemble scripts.
  • Sound: A piece of noise that can be played with blocks.
  • Sprite: An object that run scripts and performs actions depending on those scripts.
  • Stage: The scriptable background of a Scratch project.
  • Stage Monitors: Displays that can be shown on a project's screen.
  • Stop Sign: Stops all the scripts in a project.
  • String: A series of keyboard characters
  • System Browser: Allows you to edit the source code of Scratch, which allows you to add more features.


  • Timer: A built in timer in Scratch that allows the programmer to make use of time duration.


  • Variable: A tool for storing information in numbers or strings.
  • VM Preferences: Changes settings in Squeak to change how Scratch runs.


  • World Menu: Allows you to change lots of settings, and open up lots of windows and browsers to help you.

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