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No. Private messaging goes against Scratch's model of having all site activity public. This has been suggested and rejected several times.

Private messaging is a feature frequently suggested by numerous Scratchers. The feature has been consistently rejected by the Scratch Team because of moderation issues, the increased chance of content breaking the Community Guidelines to be posted, such messages going against the 'Share' part of Scratch's motto, and it has been stated multiple times that the Scratch Team will not implement it.[1]

Scratch currently has public messaging, meaning anyone can see the comments that you write. As a result, people are more likely to be respectful since anyone can see the comment. However, with private messaging, people know that only the intended recipient can see the message, which could lead to many more disrespectful or inappropriate comments. The Scratch Team also simply does not have the resources to moderate a private messaging system, precisely because there would be a lot of bad comments. In addition, it is a huge Internet safety concern and is not the purpose of Scratch anyway.

This suggestion extends to allowing users to post links to other private messaging websites, such as Discord. Many such messaging websites are not as well-moderated as Scratch is. If such links were allowed, Scratch may be held responsible if anything bad happens to someone.

– Za-Chary, The Official List of Rejected Suggestions


Alternatives to a private messaging feature include other instant messaging services, calling, texting, or emails; however, giving away contact information or linking to unmoderated chat on Scratch is a violation of the Community Guidelines. The Scratch Team has encouraged users to report instances of this.

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