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The Popular Tags tag cloud.

Popular Tags was a feature on Scratch 1.4 and a front page sidebar that displayed common tags in alphabetical order. Tags written in languages other than English were listed below the English tags. Popular tags were represented with increased boldness and font size, while less-used tags were not shown at all.

The most popular tags in January 2013 were animación (Spanish for animation), animation, awesome, cat, cool, fun, funny, game, jogo (Portuguese for game), juego (Spanish for game), lol, mario, music, Pokémon, simulation, sonic, spiel, story, waffles, and แอนนิเมชั่น (Thai for "animation").[1]


Main article: Project Tags#Problems

Tags were often abused and many users applied irrelevant tags in order to gain popularity or get their tag listed in the tag cloud. "Waffles" was a popular spam tag. For example, a music project featuring the Eagles might be tagged with #Cool, #Waffles, #Pizza, #unicorns, etc.

Scratch 2.0

In Scratch 2.0, users lost the ability to tag other projects or apply more than three tags to their own, so the problem of spam tags was largely eliminated. There is not yet a substitute for "Popular Tags".

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