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Pi Day is the celebration of the transcendental number commonly known as Pi. Pi is often substituted with the symbol π, the 16th letter in the Greek alphabet. Pi can be found using the circumference of any circle divided by the circle's diameter. The value of Pi in mathematics is equal to approximately 3.14, however the digits go on infinitely. Pi Day is celebrated in many places and across the internet on March the 14th, because on this day the date is 3/14.

Transcendental Numbers

A transcendental number is an irrational number that cannot be expressed as the solution to a polynomial (Basically to not be able to express it as a root).

Common transcendental numbers are numbers like π, or e.

Pi Day on Scratch

Paddle2See's studio logo

Pi Day has been celebrated by Scratchers all over the website on March the 14th in the past, so much so that it has arguably become part of Scratch's Culture.[1] Several projects,[2][3][4] studios[5][6][7] and forum topics[8][9][10] have been created for Pi Day in the past. Some of these were created by Scratch Team members,[11][12][13] later went on to be featured,[14][15] or was a Scratch Design Studio.[16] Usually the Pi Day studios are created by Scratch Team Member Paddle2See, although in 2016 no studio was made by Paddle2See.

Ultimate Pi Day

In 2015, the first five digits of Pi (3.1415) were the same as the date; 3/14/15, (March 14, 2015), which spawned a large number of projects and studios related to Pi Day. Additionally, Ultimate Pi Second was at 9:26:53 on that day, as the time and date together (3/14/15 9:26:53) were the first ten digits of Pi (3.141592653).

Rounded Pi Day

A pie baked for Rounded Pi Day.

March 14, 2016, was Rounded Pi Day, because Pi rounded off to 5 digits, or to the nearest ten thousandth, is 3.1416, or 3/14/16.

Rounded Pi Second

A picture of a computer clock displaying Rounded Pi Second.

There were two different forms of Rounded Pi Second.

  • 3/14/15 9:26:54 - Pi rounded off to ten digits (3.141592654), in date and time combined.
  • 3/14/16 3:14:16 - Pi rounded off to five digits (3.1416), in both time and date.

Common Features in Pi Day projects and studios

Pi Day projects often contain features such as Pie-throwing games,[2] Songs,[17][18] Pi Day countdowns,[19] Pi calculators[20] and other Pi-related content. Pi Day studios often contain information about Pi Day[12] and competitions, such as who can memorize the most digits of Pi.[7]

Pi Day Studios

Pi Day is celebrated with an official studio every year. The first official studio dedicated to this was created in 2022[21], where users were encouraged to make projects about Pi. This was continued in 2023. The studio is below in the linkstudios:33019291.The event is expected to come back next year.

Outside of Scratch

Pi Day is also celebrated outside of Scratch. Common activities on Pi Day include eating pie, throwing pies and discussing Pi with others.

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