1200 pen sizes, from 1 to 1200.

Pen size is a value given to all sprites. The default is 1 (a single pixel),[1] but can be changed with the pen size blocks.

Use in Scripts

Pen size can be used in animation, drawing, and much more. To change it, you raise or lower the value. Pen size can also be used in Speed Draw and Speed Paint.


In Scratch 3.0, the minimum pen size is 1 the maximum is 1200. This is enough to fill the whole stage from any position, so it is effectively unlimited.[2]

Previous versions

In Scratch 1.4, offline, the pen size can be between 1 and 960 (inclusive); in the Java Player, the pen size can be up to 500; in the Flash Player, the pen size can be up to 255.[3]

Related Blocks

A sprite's pen size can be altered with these blocks, all found in the Pen Blocks palette:

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