The pen colors, starting at 0 and ending at 100.

Pen color is a value given to all sprites. The default is 66.66 (blue),[1] but can be changed with the pen color blocks.

Use in Scripts

Pen color can be used in animation, drawing, and much more. To change it, the value can be raised or lowered. There are 100 possible integer hues,[2] with values from 0 to 99, but decimal values can be used to specify the color more precisely. It starts and ends at red, with the general order of a rainbow.

Color Picker

Main article: Color Picker
The Scratch 1.4 color picker.

The pen color can be set either to a numerical value representing a color using the Set Pen () to () block, or a color can be chosen from a color picker using the Set Pen Color to () block. The latter method can also be used to set the pen brightness and saturation.

Related Blocks

A sprite's pen color can be altered with these blocks:

Another block is wanted by many Scratchers, a reporter block called "pen color" that reports the numerical value of the color.[3][4] This block could look like this: (pen color:: pen)

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