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Other Languages
Forum ID: 34
Amount of activity: Low number of topics and a low number of replies.
Types of users who can post: All users.
Brief description: "For languages not listed above"

The Other Languages forum is a forum in the Scratch Forums where Scratchers can discuss Scratch in languages other than English and the languages given for the Language Forums. This forum is for languages that are not common enough in the Scratch community to have their own language.[problematic]

The link to the Other Languages forum on the main page of the forums.

What the Forum Contains

This forum is a place to discuss Scratch in other languages. However, this forum is only for languages besides English that do not have their own forum. Topics that are not "a real foreign language associated with an actual country or region,"[1] such as code, ciphers, April Fools' Day languages, rare or extinct languages, and fictional languages, will be closed.[2] A notable exception is Esperanto, a constructed language that is available in the Scratch program. This is likely because it is fairly popular and constructed with the intent that it be used as a universal language.

Topics of any subject can be posted there, as long as they relate to Scratch in some way.[citation needed]


The forum receives very little activity, as most Scratchers either use the main forums (English) or the Language Forums (for many other languages).[citation needed]


If a language gains much popularity, a forum will be created specifically for that language. Users can also suggest new forums; however, those suggestions are only approved if there is enough support.[citation needed]

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