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The Open Source Projects forum is a forum in the Scratch Forums where Scratchers can discuss Scratch's different open source projects. As of October 2022, it has the least topics or posts of any forum (excluding the Language Forums), with about 300 topics and 2,500 posts.[1] Announcements will also be made relating to the work done as a community to build the Scratch website/language using text-based coding languages.[2] The forum was made public on the 2nd of February, 2016, however, it was created privately before then.[3]

The Open Source Projects forum.

What the Forum Contains

This forum can be used:

To ask pretty much any questions and comments you might have about any of our open source projects .

Having trouble getting a copy of the project and working with it on your own computer? Ask about it in the forum!

Working on something in your own copy that you need help with, or want to work on someone else with? Ask someone in the forum!

We really want this to be a place where we all come together not only to build and talk with Scratch, but to build Scratch itself.

– Mewtaylor, Scratch Team member

Contrary to the quote above, however, the Open Source Projects forum has evolved and is now mainly used for Scratchers to share their own open-source projects, since other Scratch projects like ScratchX have been deprecated. Other open source projects created by Scratchers are posted in the Advanced Topics forum.

Example Posts

Example Question A question in the forum might look like this:

What is ScratchX and what does it do?[4]

Example Suggestion A suggestion in the forum might look like this:

The ScratchX code seems a little messy, what if we changed it around like this: [insert code suggestion].

Open Source Projects

An image of a Scratch Repository

Open source projects refers to the coding of a certain website/project that everyone can have access to, like Scratch projects. These can be known as repositories. Repositories can also be collaborative to help further build that website/project. The forum encourages contributions to the Scratch repository from the Community to make make improvements on Scratch. Currently, there are multiple open source Scratch repositories.[5]

Scratch Open Source Projects

Main article: GitHub#Public GitHub Repositories by the Scratch Team

There are currently many open source projects for Scratch. Some of them are:

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