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A Project Trend is a trend that is (in most cases) created and spread through projects. Often, a project trend is spread by remixing the original project. Project trends commonly involve coding challenges, contests, animations, or memes.


An example of a Toki character

The Toki, a fictional creature that was popular on Scratch, was created by the user Maki-Tak and became popular quickly in the community[1]. The first Toki was created on August 21, 2008, and was used in a yearbook project. As the Toki was used again and again, the fad caught on, and Scratchers began making their own Tokis based on the original[1]. The Toki fad eventually sparked its own Wiki, filled with user-generated content.

How it Worked

This trend incorporated a new type of creature, which was the Toki, into projects and a bit of the website as well. What one would do was create a character which was a Toki, and draw/color it how one wanted to. People would then use the Toki that they had created and put it into their projects; an example of projects they could've been in is an animation. It was common that one would create an account that was named "(your Toki's name)-Tak" as an account to do things related to one's Toki. Toki characters had appeared in many projects,[2] and they were certainly a notable trend.


The Toki was a popular trend, and it sparked many projects and users involving them to be created. As of October 2014, there have been around 2,500 projects that have the word "Toki" in the notes, instructions, tags, or title created,[2] and there have been around 3,400 users with the word "Tak" (another name for Toki) in their username.

5 Random Facts about Me

"5 Random Facts About Me" was a project trend/meme that was mainly popular in Scratch 2.0. This trend involved users creating projects that included five facts about them that usually did not have anything to do with Scratch (e.g. hobbies, favorite foods, etc.).

How It Worked

The Scratch Team's example

A Scratcher would remix a project or create their own, filling out different background images with pieces of personal trivia.


As of August 2020, the original project created by the Scratch Team has more than 6,000 remixes[3] and over 290,000 views.[4]

1S1S Projects

Main article: One Sprite One Script Projects

Most popular in the time of Scratch 1.4, 1S1S (one script one sprite) projects were developed by many users, often experienced, and used only one sprite and one script. In technical terms, Scratch is a multi-threaded programming language, so multiple different instructions of code can logically be executed within the same frame. A 1S1S project brought on the challenge of creating a single-threaded project, as some professional JavaScript games, for instance, are made.

With the release of Scratch 2.0, the trend died down quite a bit. One possible reasoning might be the controversy that custom blocks and cloning have been added to Scratch. There has been debating on the forums over whether or not custom blocks would still count as 1S1S. The unsureness could possibly be a result of the fading fad that once bustled on the Top Loved section of the old site.

How ________ are you?

"How ______ are you?" was a popular trend where users would share projects with information about themselves. Other users would then remix the project and compare how alike they are with the original users. After the first "How ______ are you?" project was released, it gained popularity fast. However, it has since lost popularity. Popular facts to be in these types of projects were similar to[citation needed]:

  • My hair color is _____
  • My eye color is _____
  • I do/do not wear glasses
  • I am a boy/girl

When engaging in this activity, make sure to stay safe about what you put about yourself.

Sometimes, users would count up how many features they have in common with the project's creator, and at the end, the user would fill out a tally that may look like:

  • 0-3: We aren't alike
  • 4-7: Let's be friends!
  • 8-9: Wow, we are pretty similar!
  • 10: TWINS!

Coloring Contests

With Scratch 2.0's vector option being released, coloring contests became very popular. The creator of the contest would draw a base design for someone to remix, and color. Even now, one can go to the top-remixed and find a coloring contest since they are mostly on the front page[5]Sometimes these contests were judged, or they were just for fun. Some users complained it was a cheap way to get a project on top-remixed.[6] These contests were commonly abbreviated as "CC".

"Dino Learns to Program" parody remixes

From June 21, 2013 to July 5, 2013, the user JoeBacal shared a 3-part educational series, "Dino Learns to Program", where the Dinosaur1 sprite learns the basics of programming with Scratch. On July 1, 2013, Chapter 2 was curated by the user 7734f, launching the series to popularity. Many users remixed one of the projects and twisted the story, often with an unhappy ending, for a humorous effect. A recurring twist is Dino "failing to learn to program" and him breaking his computer. A studio dedicated to such remixes can be found here.

Animal Characters/Furries

An example of an Animal (specifically Warriors) OC, consisting of a normal animal body shape (Art by -SkyStar-)
Another example of an Animal (specifically Sonic the Hedgehog) OC, consisting of an ideal humanoid shape (Art by PrincessPandaLover)

An animal character (or also known as furries) is the term used for an animal character belonging to a Scratcher, and is used in their projects. An OC can range from pets to wild animals, and to completely original creatures such as a Jabberbeak.[7] Many are anthropomorphic (also known as "furries" by some) which means non-humans which have human-like attributes. Some anthropomorphic animal characters can talk like humans but still act like animals, while others fully function and live like humans.

How It Works

Scratchers create a character based on themselves or a person who they would like to be, and incorporate their character into games, animations, and drawings. The character can be from a fandom, such as Warriors, Sonic the Hedgehog, My Little Pony, or from the Scratcher's own imagination.


The trend of Animal OCs has spiked in Scratch 2.0, being incorporated in Coloring Contests, Role Playing Games, and more prominently animations. As of 2/18/2015, 598,000 projects have the word OC in their tags, notes, and credits.[8]They have been more common than human and non-animal OCs.

A majority of Animal OCs are cats, probably due to the popularity of either the Warriors book series by Erin Hunter or cats on the Internet. The Warriors book series has sparked controversy (see List of Controversial Topics on Scratch#Warriors for more info).

Illuminati Conspiracy Theories

There has been a recent trend of Scratchers posting conspiracy theories claiming that somebody/something is "illuminati". In these conspiracy theories, there is usually some (usually ridiculous) "evidence" which includes some minor connection to the subject and Illuminati. A studio with Illuminati conspiracy theories along with other conspiracy theories can be found here.


This involves a project in which there is a set of drawings of animals (usually the same species) in which a user can "adopt" them and use it in their projects. Characters, often chibis, are also often put up for "adoption". In a variation of Adoptables, called "Draw to Adopt", a Scratcher usually wins the adopt by re-drawing them the best in their own style. This trend is very popular in Scratch, as it is often used as a contest to celebrate a milestone (such as reaching a certain number of followers), as well in other sites such as DeviantArt.


Main article: Intros and Outros#Outros
An example of an outro

An outro is what comes up at the end of a project. It usually contains the word "End" or "fin", background music, moving sprites, icons encouraging the viewer to favorite, love, and comment on the project, and info on where the user is outside of Scratch, such as Minecraft, etc.. Outros have become popular all over Scratch, making the traditional black screen with the white word, "END", obsolete.

How would you draw me?

This trend of Scratch Memes involves a user putting a drawing of their OC in their style and leaving a blank space. Others remix the project and in the blank space, draw the OC in their style. Another similar trend, "Draw a character and I'll ______ify it for you", has also been popular.

Lyrics Taken Literally

This trend involves a humorous animation showing figurative lyrics of a song happening literally. For example, if the lyrics said: "You're the apple of my eye", the animation may show a person being represented as an apple.

This has been very viral over Scratch and "Lyrics Taken Literally" animations used to appear regularly on the Front Page (mainly the What the Community is Loving row),[9] but the trend has died down ever since.

Animated Meme

An Animated Meme is a recent trend that involves a character, which can be anything from a dog to a human. Usually, they are dancing to music. Animation Memes commonly have the character doing a variety of facial expressions and poses. Typically, many parts of the character's body are moving including the arms, head, eyes, ears, and more. One can remix the meme and add their own character.[10]
Examples include:


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Many users do not think Animated Memes are memes, because the more well-known definition is very different from Animated Meme projects.[11] Memes have also been called "Lazy arm movements that always get What the Community is Loving for no reason."[12]

Due to the high amount of cats in Animation Memes, they have also contributed to the controversy surrounding the popularity of cats on Scratch.

Because of this, a lot of people have moved to other websites or programming languages, due to thinking that Scratch is being used outside of its main goal, which is programming.[13]


Danec (a misspelling of "dance", found as the name of the sound file in the original project) was a meme that originated with user scratchU8's Dancing animation, which involved 4 instances of a chibi version of his OC dancing, by flapping their arms, to repeated voice clips saying "Dance".

Although the project was shared in 2013, the meme started in 2017 by the user Project_Corruputer. The meme consisted of various projects using the chibi scratchU8 (nicknamed danceU8) to remixes of songs using the "dance" voice clip. A studio dedicated to the meme can be found here.

100% pen

A 100% pen project is a style that requires using only the Pen blocks for visuals. These projects tend to be low on assets and are challenging to create, such as 1s1s projects. Examples of such projects can be found here. Other documentation can be viewed here.


The user Eggnormous started this trend when they made projects containing pictures of characters from Disney movies with faces made to look like those of the Pokemon character Ditto.[14]


The user ChristianKid5 created a project titled Rockified (Scratch Mascot Edition), which was later featured. The project caused Scratchers to remix the project and take a character and turn it into a rock using Scratch Editor[15]. A studio featuring a collection of Rockified sprites can be found here.

Artist cards

Artist cards are original pieces of artwork created by someone and then traded around, similar to the manner of trading cards. They are popular among users who mainly create Art Projects.

This was first brought to Scratch by the user -SkyStar- after gaining popularity on other sites but died off. It was later revived by the user, Wildflight. Although many artist card studios exist, the original art card studio created during the revival can be found here.


Projects containing a llama have had a high interest in Scratch. Platformers, art pieces, and other types of projects which featured the animal have reached a notable amount of attention[16]. This is possibly due to a studio about llamas as well as alpacas that were featured. The studio can be found here.

Nutshell projects

Nutshell projects are projects, typically animations that describe their topics in a humorous and exaggerated way. They also tend to simplify their topics, usually describing just one of their aspects. These projects are meant to ridicule their topics, and often express frustration from their aspects. These projects usually have "in a nutshell" in their title. Many nutshell projects are directly or indirectly related to Scratch. An example would be "Scratch in a nutshell".

Slatch/Sam projects

"Slatch" is a trend created by the user WazzoTV. He described it as a "revolution" of Scratch. WazzoTV first introduced Slatch on a project where he claimed he would start a new website. Slatch's mascot is a blue dog named "QBert", though if the revolution was successful it would be renamed "Scratch". In this saga, the villain was "Sam", who was a sprite from the sprite library. Sam was insecure, and therefore took out his anger on others. Since this saga, making Sam-related projects (e.g. making fun of him, putting Sam faces on projects, etc.) and Slatch-related projects has spread throughout the community. Later, a spinoff series of Slatch was created by the user WazzoTV, and was named "The Scratch Saga". The Slatch Saga can be found in this studio. And the Scratch Saga can be found in this studio. A user also made a website called Slatch based off of WazzoTV's idea, which can be found here.

Note Note: "Slatch" is a joke and should be treated as such.

Give me your OC and I'll _____ it

These kinds of projects have been on the front page usually under the row Projects The Community is Remixing. People ask others to give them their OC and they'll make changes to it. An example would be "Give Me Your OC and I'll Robotify It". This is an example.

Black Lives Matter

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Black Lives Matter is a movement that was recognized in late May 2020, from the death of an African-American man named George Floyd who was suffocated by a police officer in Minneapolis. It had existed before then, starting in July 2013[17] — often with media attention when other African-Americans were murdered, but the movement became much larger after Floyd's death. The movement is to recognize the struggles that people of color face, especially the struggles of African-Americans, and to try to end the racism these people are up against. Many people on Scratch are peacefully protesting for this by creating Black Lives Matter projects[18], and studios[19][20], along with putting it in their forum signatures. While this isn't really a 'trend' as such, it is something many people on Scratch are doing.

Dance, ________, Dance

The "Dance, Fleischer Cat, Dance!" project

In early August of 2020, the user papipupepappa created a project named "Dance, Fleischer Cat, Dance!" in which a black-and-white cartoon cat danced by waving its arms and bending its knees. This project became extremely popular, with many, many remixes changing the cat to other creatures or characters.[21] This project was receiving several remixes a day already,[22] when Scratch Team member ceebee remixed it as "Dance, Santa, Dance!" at the end of November 2020.[23] A remix by a Scratch Team member caused the popularity of these projects to metaphorically explode, as in less than three weeks, ceebee's version alone had over 100 remixes. Most remixes of "Dance, Santa, Dance!" featured dancing, Christmas-related characters.[24]

As of mid-December 2020, there were over 2100 remixes with "Dance, Fleischer Cat, Dance!" as their original project.[22]

Some Scratchers have even set their icon to an animated image of a character doing the dance from these projects.[25][26]

Advertising Project

An advertising project is a project where users can advertise their own projects, studios, or websites. One kind of advertising project may ask users to comment a link to an image to be displayed in the project. Another kind of advertising project may ask for a description of what is being advertised. The project can show ads on multiple pages, or contain various categories such as 'Games' and 'Studios'. Variables and lists can be used to show links. It may use Tags such as '#ads'. Some Scratchers think that these projects are a good way to get noticed[27]; others criticize them[27] in the same way as AE studios.

Add Yourself ________

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An Add Yourself project (commonly abbreviated as "AY") is a project where users can add their Original Character (OC)) doing a certain task (example: pushing a box). It is unknown who started the trend. The following is an example of an AY project. When the video game Friday Night Funkin started to get popular, many users started creating Add Yourself Singing projects, where users would replace the character singing (usually Scratch Cat stylized as the original character) with their OC(s).[28]

Types of AY

  • Singing
  • Gaming
  • Running from ____
  • Fighting
  • AY In a ____ Desktop
  • AY In a Phone Icon
  • AY as a ____
  • AY at the table


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