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Category Sensing
Type Reporter
Introduced in modified 1.3.0 beta

Note was an experimental block created by Jens[1], included in a modified beta build of Scratch 1.3.0. It was not included in the official 1.3.0 release.[2][3] It reported an approximation of the note coming in from user's computer's microphone generated using the Fast Fourier transform. In current versions of Scratch players, this block is not recognized, and it is an undefined block.[4]


The Squeak change sorter for the "note" block mod

The "note" block was included in a modified version of Scratch which simply displays "Scratch 1.3 (1-Sept-08)" in the title bar and "About Scratch" window. This caused a common misconception that the block was included in the official release of Scratch 1.3 or a Scratch 1.3 beta, then removed in the next version. However, the Squeak change sorter shows that the "note" block was added by Jens on 14 November 2008, after the 2 September 2008 release of Scratch 1.3. This indicates that this version is in fact a Scratch modification based on a 1.3 beta, not the official 1.3 release or beta. It appears that the mod was available for download from Jens' website.[5]

Example Uses

  • Voice recording
reset timer
delete (all v) of [song v]
delete (all v) of [song loudness v]
repeat until <(timer) > (10)> //record for 10 seconds
add (note::sensing) to [song v]
add (loudness) to [song loudness v]
set [i v] to (0)// counter variable
repeat (length of [song v])
change [i v] by (1)
set volume to (item (i) of [song loudness v])
play note (item (i) of [song v]) for (0.1) beats
  • Voice recognition
if <(note::sensing) < (10)> then
say [You sound like me!] for (2) secs
  • Voice modification
set [modified note v] to ((note::sensing) * (2))
play note (modified note) for (1) beats

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