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Archive.png This article or section documents something not included in the current version of Scratch (3.0). It is only useful from a historical perspective.
The Recently Shared Projects section on the Front Page.

The Recently Shared Projects section on the front page used to show recently uploaded projects. It was only shown for logged-in Scratchers, due to the possibility of showing a project that is NFE and was the 5th row of the Front Page. It was updated approximately every 15 minutes, as is the rest of the front page.


The old row.

Prior to Scratch 2.0, this section was called "Newest Projects" and was at the top of the Front Page. During the first few weeks of 2.0, it was called "What the Community is Sharing".

The section was removed from the front page on August 2007, due to complaints of inappropriate projects being shown on the front page.[1] It was returned on the Front Page renovations of May 31, 2009, but only for users logged in to the website.[2]

In mid-November 2010, the project display system was changed to a new mode — random selection. Previously it would display the three most recently uploaded projects every five minutes, leaving out many projects.[3]

During 2017, some edits were made to the system: the recently shared bar would now allow showing an offline user.[citation needed]

The glitch where no projects were shown.

Sometimes it would glitch, and not show any projects.[4]


This row was usually criticized and had been suggested to be removed many times.[5][6] This was because of complaints of inappropriate projects appearing on the front page and the row's reputation as a base for projects which users do not find interesting.[7] The Scratch Team made no comment on the issue, mostly because it helped Scratchers discover new projects and had been there for a long time.[citation needed]


The row was removed in April 2018, because although it was meant to help undiscovered Scratchers, it did not do that effectively enough and it could be taken advantage of by trolls.[8] This feature was replaced with a "recent project" option in the "Explore" section. As of January 2022, this section is still being updated and can be accessed through the "proxy/featured" API endpoint under the name "community_newest_projects".[9]


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