New Scratchers
Forum ID: 6
Amount of activity: Moderate number of topics and a low number of replies.
Opened: 2008
Types of users who can post: Everybody.
Brief description: "A forum to welcome New Scratchers to the Scratch community. If you are new to Scratch, please post to say hello!"
Previously named: New Scratch Members

The New Scratchers forum is a forum in the Scratch Forums where New Scratchers can introduce themselves and ask for basic help, such as how to utilize the forums or a good way to begin using Scratch.

Prior to the forum update on January 26, 2012, the forum was titled "New Scratch Members".[1]

What the Forum Contains

Although this would seem to be the purpose of the forum, only about half of the topics are New Scratchers introducing themselves and saying hello, the other half consists of guides and New Scratchers asking for help.

The topics usually fall under these areas:


Many New Scratchers post in this forum to introduce themselves, and they often receive warm welcomes and tips. New Scratchers may make their own forum topic to introduce themselves.


Some users like to create guides to help get New Scratchers on their feet — guides that are extremely helpful may be stickied or ITopiced. Some have also created teams of helpers to collaborate on guides and welcome others.

However, as there are many guides in the New Scratchers forum already, new guides are generally considered unnecessary and often end up being closed.


Many New Scratchers like to ask basic questions there — and many users enjoy helping them out. If a question is popular enough, a user might make a guide for it. New Scratchers can also ask questions in the Questions about Scratch forum or in the Welcoming Committee.


The forum is considerably active: not quite as much as other forums, but there is a modest amount of activity.[citation needed] Due to the activity, this forum is prone to spam.[2] Users should silently report spam whenever they see it so that a Scratch Team member can handle the situation.

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