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The navigation bar is the bar at the top of every Scratch page. It is used to easily access common pages on the Scratch website. When one scrolls up or down on the website, the navigation bar stays in place, always being quickly accessible.

The navigation bar at the top of the front page and the newer pages on the Scratch Website.


The old navigation bar.

On October 26, 2015, a new navigation bar was added to the front page as one of many upgrades to the Scratch website.[1] The number of pages that use the new navigation bar has grown and now includes all of the pages accessible from the buttons left of the My Stuff button. However, many other pages, including the Discussion Forums and all user pages still use the old navigation bar.

On June 28, 2023, the color of the navigation bar was changed from blue to purple.[2] This change was made to help make Scratch more accessible for users with colorblindness and poor vision. On pages with the old navigation bar, the style was kept the same, the color was just changed to purple.

The current header on pages with the 2.0 style navigation bar

Scratch Wiki

The navigation bar at the top of every page on the Scratch Wiki

The Scratch Wiki navigation bar has a similar design to the new Scratch 3.0 navigation bar. However, there are several noticeable differences:

  • It is purple by default, though this can be changed by any user who has a Wiki account in Special:Preferences. This change was made to differentiate the Wiki from the main Scratch website. However, the change on June 28, 2023 changed the Scratch header to purple.
  • It still has the Discuss button.
  • When clicked on, instead of opening a new page, the buttons open a dropdown menu in which are given several links. For example, clicking on the Discuss button will bring up a dropdown menu, with links to the Community Portal, the Wiki forum topic, and the Discussion Forums.
  • The individual buttons have arrows on them that indicate that they are dropdowns.
  • The search bar expands when focused.
  • There is a pencil icon when clicked on opens a dropdown that displays page actions, allowing for editing, accessing the talk page, viewing the edit history of the page, moving the page, and adding the page to the watchlist.
  • On smaller devices, most buttons are hidden, and an extra "hamburger" button is added to open the sidebar.

Left Side

The left side of the bar does not change based on whether the page is being viewed while logged in or not.

Main article: Scratch Logo

The leftmost part is the Scratch Logo, and links to the Front Page. It grows when the mouse hovers over it.


Main article: Scripts Area

The link to the right of the logo is the Create link. This link leads to the Scratch 3.0 web-based Project Editor. The project editor can be accessed both when logged in and not.


Main article: Explore

The Explore link leads to the Explore Page, where you can explore projects. On this page you can search for specific project or one related to the searched terms. Then, the search results can be restricted to specific orders, such as "most loved" and by setting the period of time for displaying projects.


Archive.png This article or section documents something not included in the current version of Scratch (3.0). It is only useful from a historical perspective.
Main article: Discussion Forums

The Discuss tab linked to the main discussion page of the Scratch Forums. From there one can navigate to the different forum categories. This button is no longer available, as of July 5th, 2017; it was removed from the main site's header, causing lots of complaints from users.[3] However, the Scratch Wiki kept it in their design as part of their goal to partially distance the Wiki from the main site.[citation needed]


Archive.png This article or section documents something not included in the current version of Scratch (3.0). It is only useful from a historical perspective.
Main article: Tips Page

The Tips tab links to the tips page, which functioned similarly to the later Ideas Page. This existed in place of said page on the header after the removal of the Discuss tab and before the release of Scratch 3.0.[4]


Main article: Ideas Page

The Ideas link leads to the Ideas Page, where one can look for inspiration for making a project or select a tutorial to help them get started with Scratch. It also included links to download activity cards, and the offline editor.


Main article: About Page

The About link leads to the About Scratch Page, where it gives information about the Scratch Website. This includes videos, photos, quotes, research, and listing ways to fund the website.

Search Bar

Main article: Search Bar

Search is the input tab at the top that searches for pages containing the entered words. After searching, one can restrict the search results to "Projects" and "Studios". The search result's links can also be ordered based on project or studio factors, such as love-its.

Right Side

Not Logged In

Join Scratch

When one is not logged in, the top-right of the navigation bar will contain a "Join Scratch" link, which leads the viewer to a page for account creation.

The right side of the navigation bar when not logged in

Sign In

When a user who is currently not logged but has an account wishes to log in, they must click on "Sign In", which pops up a username and password input to log into Scratch.

Logged In


Main article: Messages

The Messages link has the Messages 2.png icon, and it leads to the logged in user's Messages page.

My Stuff

Main article: My Stuff

The My Stuff link has the My Stuff Icon.png icon, and it leads to the logged in user's My Stuff page.

User Menu

The User menu leads to the profile page of the user, as well as My Stuff and Account Settings.

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