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The Music Extension is an extension added in Scratch 3.0 that allows users to play notes and compose music in Scratch. These blocks use sampled instruments to create the sounds. Before 3.0, the music blocks could be found in the Sound Blocks category. The Scratch Team moved the blocks here in order to make Scratch easier for New Scratchers to use.[1]


There are six Stack Blocks and one Reporter Block in the Music Extension.

Play Drum () for () Beats

Main article: Play Drum () for () Beats (block)

play drum ( v) for () beats — This block plays a specified drum sound for specified number of beats.

Rest for () Beats

Main article: Rest for () Beats (block)

rest for () beats — This block pauses the sound in that script for the given number of beats

Play Note () for () Beats

Main article: Play Note () for () Beats (block)

play note () for () beats — This block plays the specified note (A, B,...G) for the specified number of beats.

Set Instrument to ()

Main article: Set Instrument to () (block)

set instrument to ( v) This block sets the instrument to specified instrument.

Set Tempo to ()

Main article: Set Tempo to () (block)

set tempo to () — This block sets tempo to specified amount. This block affects all blocks under the music extension.

Change Tempo by ()

Main article: Change Tempo by () (block)

change tempo by () — This block changes the tempo by specified amount, either faster or slower. This block affects all blocks under the music extension.

Main article: Tempo (block)

(tempo) — This reporter reports the current tempo.



Some Scratchers use this block in noteblock projects.[citation needed] These projects use a sequence of Play Note () for () Beats blocks and sometimes Play Drum () for () Beats to recreate popular music.

Sound Effects

Other Scratchers use the Music Extension for sound effects. This is sometimes used for comedic effect or for achieving something in a game.[citation needed]


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