The Scratch Team moderates the Scratch Website by removing inappropriate and offensive content. Normal Scratchers can help by reporting posts, user comments, studios, and projects. This will bring them to a moderator's attention.


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Scratchers can help by reporting inappropriate posts, users, comments, projects, and studios.

When should a user's profile be reported?

  • If their username is inappropriate
  • If they have an inappropriate icon or inappropriate text in the description fields

When should a project be reported?

  • If the project violates the Community Guidelines, such as containing swear words or inappropriate content

When should a comment be reported?

  • If the comment contains inappropriate text, spam, or anything else considered inappropriate

When should a forum post be reported?

  • If the post contains inappropriate content
  • Spam
  • If the post is harassing other users
  • Flame Wars
  • If it is a duplicate thread on the forums (a thread posted twice)
  • If the topic is in the wrong forum category
  • If you want your topic to be closed or reopened
  • If you want your topic or post to be deleted
  • If a topic should be stickied
  • Anything else that needs a moderator's attention

When should a studio be reported?

  • If the name of the studio is inappropriate
  • If the studio has an inappropriate icon
  • If the description of the studio is inappropriate

Community Moderators

Archive.png This article or section documents something not included in the current version of Scratch (3.0). It is only useful from a historical perspective.
Main article: Community Moderators

There was also a program of Community Moderators (or Forum Moderators) that moderated the Scratch Forums. However, the Scratch Team later announced that the Community Moderators program would be replaced with the Scratch Mentors and Scratch Helper Groups program while the Scratch Team would continue to moderate the forums and the website.[1]


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