A manager is the second highest rank in a studio (the highest is the host of the studio). Managers have special permissions to which curators do not have access. Curators can be promoted to manager by the host or other managers.


Managers of a studio can add projects like curators can, but additionally, managers can:

  • Remove projects
  • Add curators
  • Remove curators
  • Remove other managers
  • Promote curators to managers
  • Toggle if anyone can add projects

Managers were formerly able to change the studio's title, thumbnail, and description. However, as of July 2021, this ability has been revoked from managers. This was made to fight vandalism (see below).[1]

How to Become a Manager in a Studio

Main article: How do I promote someone to manager?
The button to promote a curator to a manager.
The confirmation when promoting a curator to a manager.

Any manager can promote curators to manager in a studio by hovering over their username in the curator's tab, and clicking "promote". When creating a studio, one is automatically promoted to the manager position. Scratch Team members can also promote themselves to the manager position.[citation needed] There is no way to directly invite someone as a manager in a studio if they are not already a curator, since a user must agree to become a curator before they can be made a manager. A maximum of 40 managers, including the host, can be added.[1]

Note Warning: Make sure that you trust anyone you are promoting to manager. See section below for more details.


Commonly in studios with many managers, such as Add Everything studios and Get Managers studios, a manager may damage or vandalize the studio by removing an unreasonable amount of projects and curators/managers or adding lots of irrelevant projects. Further problems can occur if managers begin deleting or inviting random curators. This can lead to a time-consuming fix-up. A manager who vandalizes a studio may receive an alert or ban. The only way to prevent damage to a studio is to only promote users one trusts.

As of the July 2021 studio update, managers can no longer change a studio's thumbnail, name, and description, and there can no longer be more than 40 managers in a single studio. This was made intentionally to decrease the damage done by untrustworthy managers and was a result of many studios being vandalized and ruined by trolls.

Studio Host 

The first host of a studio is the person who created it. You can tell host from a manager by looking in the curators tab, where the host is the first manager on the top-left corner of the list (assuming their account has not been deleted), as well as looking under the name of said manager. The host of the studio can edit the description, title and thumbnail and also control the studio while the managers cannot.[1] If the host of a studio deletes their account, they will no longer be the host of the studio, and the studio itself will remain without a host. The studio will then be unable to be deleted by the former host. However, the host can give up the title of host and give it to another manager.[2]

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