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This article is about the extension. For the invention kit, see Makey Makey.
The Makey Makey extension icon, found in the Block Palette
The Makey Makey extension banner on the Extensions Library

The Makey Makey extension is an extension added in Scratch 3.0.[1] The extension is intended to improve compatibility with the Makey Makey invention kit, however the extension can be used with any type of keyboards. The extension has two blocks, both of which are hat blocks.


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Although the former of these blocks is similar in appearance to the event block of the same name, there are minor differences between them. For one, the event block will stall for a few frames after the first frame is inputted, which is not present on its Makey Makey counterpart. Furthermore, the Makey Makey version accepts reporter blocks and boolean blocks, making it easier to detect for keys not in the dropdown.


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