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The MIT Media Lab where Scratch was developed before moving location.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (often abbreviated as MIT) is a university in Cambridge, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, USA. It is where Scratch was founded, and many other projects, including MIT App Inventor, are developed. Many of the Scratch Team members, except a few involved in moderation, worked there before Scratch broke away from its governance. The MIT Media Lab is where the Scratch Team worked on designing and editing Scratch, though the Scratch Foundation is now located in a different place in Boston.[1]


MIT was founded by William Barton Rogers and was recognized on April 10, 1861.[2] It was originally located on Summer Street but moved to Cambridge in 1916.[2]

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The MIT Media Lab is not just where Scratch was made. It is a university on media studies and technology. Students here learn programming and layout. The group that made Scratch, the Lifelong Kindergarten Group, also worked on many other projects as well.[3] The MIT Media Lab is using LEGO to teach children design which can be used later on in life.[4] It is teaching children to code, which anyone can use in the physical world and online world.

Scratch Day

An annual Scratch Day is held at MIT and around the world. It is also the place where the Scratch Conference is held every other year.

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