Archive.png This article or section documents something not included in the current version of Scratch (3.0). It is only useful from a historical perspective.
<loud?:: sensing>
Category Sensing
Type Boolean
Introduced in 27Jul06
Removed in v177 (2.0 alpha)

The loud? block was a boolean block and a Sensing block. The block returned whether or not the loudness value from the connected microphone was above 30 in Scratch 1.4 and earlier, above 35 in pre-2011 Scratch 2.0 prealpha versoins, or above 10 in later versions[1]. The block's removal is unknown, but it may be because of the existence of an easy workaround.[citation needed]

The block did not function properly in the Java player.[citation needed]


Main article: List of Block Workarounds

The block can be replicated by checking the loudness value manually:[note 1]

<(loudness) > [30]>

Example Uses

As the block checked if there is any loud noise, it was useful in projects that analyzed sound input.

Some common uses for the Loud? block are:

say (join (loudness) (join [ ] <loud?:: sensing>))
  • Controlling things in projects with the microphone:
wait (0.05) seconds
if <loud?:: sensing> then
move (10) steps
if on edge, bounce
  • Voice activated speeches:
if <loud?:: sensing> then
 say [BE QUIET!]
 say []
  • Voice analyzers:
wait until <key [space v] pressed?>
if <loud?:: sensing> then
  say [You are a very loud and outgoing person. You like to speak up when there is the need.] for (5) secs
  say [You are a timid person, but one to be weary of. There is more than meets the eye.] for (5) secs
  • Making a sprite getting frightened:
When green flag clicked
forever if <loud?:: sensing> {
switch costume to [holding ears v]
} @loopArrow:: control cap

As a Stage Monitor

The loud? block's monitor that's been imported into Scratch 3.0

This was one of only two boolean blocks that can be displayed as a Stage Monitor. The other was Sensor ()?.

A project which is imported into Scratch 3.0 with this Stage Monitor will still function correctly, but will cause the Stage Monitor to become green (a color usually reserved for Extension blocks) rather than light blue.


  1. The loudness value this block checks for being greater than differs from version to version, see starting paragraph.

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