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This page lists the main categories that projects are said to fall under.



  • 3D: A project that replicates a 3D world or object.


  • Advertisement: A project that advertises something either Scratch-related or not.
  • Animation: A project that shows a short movie to tell a story of some sort.
  • Art: A project that shows art; preferably interactive art or art that is constructed with the pen feature.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Projects that demonstrate artificial intelligence and its uses.
  • About Me: A project that includes information about the user who created the project.
  • Add Yourself: A project that usually has users add their character by remixing the project.


  • Cartoon: Another term referring to a lengthy animation.


  • Game: A project that allows the user to indulge in gameplay.




  • Programming Language: A programming language made within Scratch, often based upon Scratch.
  • Platformers: A game where a sprite is controlled to move onto and between platforms.


  • Remix: a project that is downloaded, edited, and then uploaded again.
  • Remix chain: A project that is intended for others to remix with a certain addition (e.g. adding yourself to a picture or a coloring contest).


  • Simulation: A project that attempts to replicate a scenario; a space flight, for instance.
  • Spam: A project that is deliberately inappropriate or useless.
  • Sprite Pack: A project that contains numerous sprites for use in other projects.
  • Story: A project that tells a story of some sort; also can fall under the animation category
  • Status Project: A project that shows if the user is offline or online.


  • Tutorial: A project that teaches others.
  • Tycoon: A game where the object is to get as much of something (usually money) as possible.
  • Terrain Generator: A project which generates a terrain, often randomly.
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