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This Ruby tutorial talks about operators, such as +, -, /, *, etc.

Math Operators

Here is a list of the math operators in Ruby, and what they are in Scratch.

Ruby Scratch Version
x + y (x) + (y)
x - y (x) - (y)
x / y (x) / (y)
x * y (x) * (y)


In Ruby, numbers can be raised to any power easily, using x ** y

In Scratch, this is a little more complicated (see Solving Exponents)

Operators Such as And, Or, Etc.

  • x > y || y > x
    • Is x greater than y or y greater than x? If either of them are, x > y || y > x equals true. If neither of them are, returns false.
    • In Scratch: <(x) > (y)> or <(y) > (x)>
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