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This article is about the forum section. For the old forum, see Archived Forums#Inspiration and More.
Inspiration and More forums

The Inspiration and More forums were a forum category in the Scratch Forums which dealt with off-topic posts or posts which were not strictly relevant to the Scratch program itself. The forums in this group were Collaborations, Requests, Project Ideas, and Miscellaneous (the most popular forum at the time). On January 26, 2012, this category was deleted. The Collaboration, Project Ideas, and Requests forums were moved to a new category called Making Scratch Projects and Miscellaneous was archived.


With the growing number of off-topic posts scattered throughout the forums, primarily in the Show and Tell forum, the Scratch Team came up with a plan to make a new forum to prevent off-topic posts to leak into the forums, which were Scratch-related. They created a single forum, the Inspiration and More forum. To discourage chatting in the forums, it was situated below the language forums. The forum was a hit among users, and the chat migrated to that forum.

With time, a new variety of posts began to pop up: forum games, or Text-based Games (TBGs). To separate the TBGs from the rest of the chat, a new forum was made in the Inspiration and More group of forums, the TBG Forum. It was decided among the community that Text-Based Games as a forum did not belong in the main Scratch forums, and were moved to their own forum after a lengthy discussion.

Because of the Scratch Team's continual discouragement of general chat, and newfound encouragement of collaborations, the Inspiration and More forum was split in January 2010 into four forums.

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