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Impersonation is when a person pretends to be someone else. Impersonation is against the Scratch Terms of Use.[1] Impersonators often include as much information they know about the Scratcher they are impersonating they know about, in addition to other methods such as trying to write similarly to the target of impersonation. Impersonation can lead to flame wars[citation needed] and other types of problems. Sometimes impersonators may try to get the original account banned.[2]

Preventing Impersonation

Generally, there is no action that fully prevents impersonation. Anyone can be impersonated, regardless of race, gender, personality, being a Scratcher, etc. However, there are some known factors that tend to make users more likely to be impersonated:

The Scratch Team regularly bans accounts created solely for impersonation, though some impersonations may be used for satire or jokes.[4]

Scratchers who get impersonated can list all accounts they control, confirming that other accounts are not them.

Examples of Impersonation

I am the real [...]!
I am official. This is my one and only account [...].
I am [...]! This is my alt account!

These can be real, but they can also be impersonation. The Scratch Team can be contacted using Contact Us if at some point a scratcher thinks that impersonation is happening or if the user is not sure if the user is telling the truth.

Another method of identifying impersonators is by inspecting the username. Often, their username will be a blatant attempt to copy someone else's, such as changing capital i's and lowercase L's, and changing 0's and O's, or changing the spelling of words, for example, if someone's username was "Example", someone might try to impersonate them by making their username "ExampIe", with the i capitalized. Sometimes, a user may create an account with a similar name to someone else's without the intention of impersonating them.[5]

Example: Original username
Similar to username above. O is replaced with a 0

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