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An idea shop is a shop where Scratchers may get ideas from other Scratchers, and the Scratchers are the people who keep the shop going. They may appear anywhere on the Scratch website, from the discussion forums to projects. In the Scratch forums, those kind of shops are usually found in the Project Ideas category or in the Requests forum. They would not normally be found in any other part of the forums, because they only really fit into those 2 subforums. So, if you're looking for an idea shop, it'll be best to stay in those 2 forums.

Note Note: Idea shops in projects or studios might not be as efficient as shops in the forums, because of the 500 character limit in comments.


Idea Shops normally have a front page stating that people are free to ask for ideas, though sometimes people ask for something in-return such as credit. The front page sometimes also contains a form which Scratchers must fill out before ordering, which is intended to help the Idea Shop fulfill out the order. Forms can ask for anything, although they normally ask for the amount of ideas wanted, the genre of ideas wanted, or a description of the ideas wanted. After the form is filled out, the topic owner or any Scratcher who helps out with the shop will start your request once they see it.


A couple of variations are listed below:

  • A studio with comments for idea requests and demo projects for the idea
  • A project with comments and replies for requests
  • A forum post with comments

Extra Information

Idea shops have gotten to be popular in the past, and they can be a good resource for finding ideas for your projects. You can find many idea shops in the Project Ideas forum, a forum dedicated to giving and receiving ideas for projects. Some idea shops allow members to join and help give ideas to people who order.[1] Idea shops can be a good resource to get ideas for your projects if you can't think of anything to make as a new project. Some idea shops also form lists of previous ideas which they created. These can also be good resources to gain inspiration from.

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