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A Studio Host

A Studio Host is the highest rank in a studio. They are normally the creator of a studio (although it can be transferred to other Scratchers).


Studio hosts have the capabilities of curators and managers, but they also have their own capabilities. They can:

  • Change the studio description
  • Edit the thumbnail
  • Change the studio's title
  • Delete studio comments
  • Delete a studio

Becoming a Host

The message received when switched to host of a studio.

In order to be a host, one must have the Scratcher Status. To become a host of a studio, they need to either create it or be transferred by the old host as the new host. To create a studio, one has to log in, go to My Stuff, and then press "+ New Studio".

Transferring Hosts

The dialog when a host transfer succeeds.
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Main article: How can the host of a studio be changed?
Note Note: Studio hosts can only be changed by the original host.

On September 14th, 2021, the Scratch Team announced a new feature: studio hosts could now transfer hosts.[1] To change a host, one needs to press the 3 dot symbol next to the studio host. Then, there will be a pop-up asking to confirm if they want to do this. Afterwards, there will be another pop-up asking which manager to change to the studio host. Once you choose a manager, there will be one more pop-up asking the original host to enter their password before confirming the transfer.

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